This FAQ pertains information for all units regarding pay. 

  1. How do I know if I was paid?

As of last year, York no longer distributes paper pay stubs, so you will need to check your employee email, which you can do by following the instructions here, or you can sign in through HR Self Serve to access it as well.

  1. What do I do if I was not paid properly?

Please fill out the ‘Pay Issues Survey’ that the Union has prepared to help us collect as much data as possible about the nature of pay problems our members are having:

  1. Who should have been paid September 25th?

September 25th was our regular (on-cycle) pay date for new contracts, and so members with contracts for Fall 2018 should have been paid their first monthly payment. However, if you were unable to sign and submit your offer of appointment by September 10th you may not have received your first payment on September 25th. Since this was largely due to delays at the Department and Faculty level, we are pushing Faculty Relations to distribute all pay on a rolling off-cycle pay that would see the money distributed as soon as possible.

  1. What should have been paid on September 25th?

All members with a Fall 2018 contract should have received their September wages, vacation pay, and the first (monthly; F/W) installment of their Grant-in-Aid.

  1. Why was I not paid?

At this time, the Employer has not provided clear answers explaining the many mistakes in calculating and processing our remediation and September 2018 pay. Decisions around what remediation hours were approved are similarly opaque. Continue reading

Deadline To Pick Up Strike Pay

Due to the necessity of forwarding all National Strike Fund Forms to CUPE National as part of the larger reconciliation process, it is necessary for there to be a deadline by which members will need to pick up all strike-related cheques. Checks include strike pay, strike hardship fund, strike childcare fund and expenses made during the stirke. Therefore, October 30th, the date of the October GMM, will be the last date that members can pick up said cheques. After October 30, stale strike-related cheques will no longer be re-issued and strike-related cheques will no longer be available.

For members who are unable to pick up their cheques from the Union Office by the deadline can have their cheques mailed to them. To do this, members need to send a signed and dated authorization letter to the Treasurer ( with the following text:


I, _____________, authorize Devin Lefebvre (CUPE 3903 Chairperson) or Michael Laurentius (CUPE 3903 Treasurer) to sign for and mail out any and all outstanding strike-related cheques of mine to the following address: (address) (signature) (date).

Student Code of Conduct Update

Last Tuesday, October 9,  the 5 CUPE 3903 members and the 3 undergraduate students facing reprisals by York met with the Office of Student Community Relations (OSCR) for an informal mediation. While the parties are currently engaged in an ongoing confidential process in the hopes of settling the complaints, it should be noted that our members and the undergraduates had initially requested informal mediation months ago, in August, and the University then rejected this request.

In response to York’s blatant attempt to punish our members’ and allies for exercising their democratic rights in holding the senior administration to account for their actions during the strike, CUPE 3903 has filed both a grievance and an Unfair Labour Practice (ULP) complaint. CUPE 3903 stands with those who are being singled out by York’s administration and we will be updating the membership once we get more information

Unit 2 Remediation Work Form

Teaching Assistants and contract faculty are required to submit a Remediation Work Form to assess their entitlement to remuneration for the completion of any Winter Term course. Submission of the Form is not required otherwise. For each Course, please provide the total number of hours required for remediation, with a breakdown including (but not
limited to) the following:
• The number of students previously enrolled and the number of students currently enrolled and still requiring remediation.
• The form(s) of remediation instruction that will be provided (e.g. lectures, seminars, tutorials, studios, labs, unsupervised directed reading, review sessions, etc.)
• The number of instructional contact hours associated with each form of remediation provided.
• Examination time required and exam/assignment grading time required.
• Other alternative forms of remediation and time required (e.g. posting lecture notes on the web; e-mail office hours and/or correspondence.

Please find the Unit 2 remediation work form below:

CUPE 3903 Unit 2 Remediation Work Form [fillable]


CUPE 3903 Welcome Back BBQ

CUPE 3903 is hosting the annual WELCOME BACK BBQ this Wednesday, October 3rd from 12-4 pm on the Roy McMurtry Green (Between Atkinson and Osgoode Hall). This year’s theme will be No Reprisals! as we support the York Eight in their fight against the Administration’s attack on Students and Workers. There will be music, allies, swag, speakers, and a rally to show our support. There will be vegetarian, vegan, halal, and kosher food options. Help bring out the new members in your department to introduce them to their union. Volunteers are still needed to prepare beforehand and to set up on the day of the event. If you help contact your chief stewards.

Tenure-Track Position Available at Glendon College

The following Tenure-Track Position is available at Glendon College:

  • Assistant Lecturer, The Language Training Centre for Studies in French

Language Training Centre for Studies in French Glendon College York University

The Language Training Centre for Studies in French, Glendon College, York University, invites applications for two Alternate Stream (teaching-focused) tenure‐track positions at the rank of Assistant Lecturer, to commence July 1, 2019. The successful candidates will be expected to teach undergraduate courses and to provide leadership in enhancing teaching and learning through curricular and pedagogical innovation and support aspects of curriculum delivery and development.

A Ph.D. or a Ph.D. near completion by July 1, 2019 in applied linguistics, second language acquisition or language pedagogy is required. The successful candidates will be responsible for teaching and coordinating courses with multiples sections of French as a second language. They will teach at the undergraduate level using the theoretical and methodological framework developed by the Centre. They will have experience in second language teaching in a minority setting, and in teaching French for general academic purposes in task-based approaches and genre-based approaches. Continue reading

Unit 2 Grievance Update

On September 24th, Rob Lawson emailed our staff with regards to recent grievances that have been filed by members in Unit 2. The following was sent by Lawson:

“Recently you have filed appointments grievances for Courses that commenced this Fall.  I  feel that need to remind you of the Unit 2 signed back Memorandum of  Settlement. Appendix C, item #7 states the following:

‘The Union understands and agrees that the Employer cannot comply with the standard posting and assignment process for the 2018 Summer and Fall terms. While the Employer will make best efforts to comply, the Union agrees that these provisions of the Collective Agreements are not to be strictly enforced in the return to work….’

Pursuant to the above it is inappropriate to be filing appointments grievances. The union has acknowledged that the need to make expedited appointments means that the CA can not always be strictly adhered to.”

We will continue to challenge the employer’s interpretation. It is the unions’ position that they still need to demonstrate that the best efforts were made to follow the procedures set out in the collective agreement as required by the Memeoridam of Settlement. We will continue to file appointment grievances for Unit 2 members. We will update the membership once we get more information.

Remediation pay for Unit 1

The union was advised that payment for any approved remediation hours (approved by the Office of the Dean in the relevant Faculty) that were submitted and uploaded to the system by the end of day September 21st will be issued in an off-cylcle pay round on September 28th.

The employer has said that any remediation hours not approved by this deadline will be processed in the normal October pay cycle; however the union will be pushing for an off-cycle pay round for these payments as well, and will update the membership as soon as we hear from the employer.

Trans Fund Committee Election: Call for Nominations, Poll Clerks

Trans Fund Committee Nominations

Deadline: Friday, September 29, 2018

The Trans Fund Committee is comprised of 3 people whose responsibilities include advertising and promoting the Fund, receiving and reviewing applications, adjudicating applications, determining disbursements and other duties. The committee adjudicates 3 times a year.

All of the individuals who are elected to the Trans Fund must be Trans* identified. Everyone voting for the Trans Fund must be trans* identified.

Honoria: $500

If you would like to nominate yourself, please email a short statement to the Trans Fund Elections Officer, A.J. Withers by email at Please note that your statement will go out over the CUPE 3903 lists.

The successful candidates will be announced on CUPE lists following the election.

Trans Fund Committee Election Poll Clerks

Seeking trans* CUPE 3903 members to act as poll clerks for the election on Monday, October 1 from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm and Tuesday, October 2 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Poll clerks will receive an honorarium of $20 per hour.

Please contact A.J. Withers by email at if you are interested.