International Student Members and Their Dependents are Eligible for UHIP Payment Coverage (UHIP Fund)

International students in Units 1 or 3 should receive funds to cover their UHIP payments (UHIP Fund). This fund should cover both the member and any dependents. We’ve recently heard of cases where members did not receive funds or their dependents were not covered. If you have not received UHIP funds or your dependents’ UHIP payments were not covered please email Alison, Chief Steward Unit 1 at We are collecting information to ensure our members get the funds they are entitled to.

Election Officers and Other Committee Vacancies up for Election at April GMM

Two Chief Election Officers will be elected at the April GMM (April 17th). There are also several vacant positions on other committees that members may nominate themselves for.  Please nominate yourself by contacting Stacey at by Monday, April 15th. Nominations from the floor of the GMM will be entertained.

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Labour of Love?: Precarious Work and the Future of Academic Workers Conference: April 26th

Labour of Love?: Precarious Work and the Future of Academic Workers is an interdisciplinary conference that offers academics and workers from all institutions an opportunity to explore what it means to do precarious work and how to address its challenges. The conference is being organized by the Precarity Working Group, a team of dedicated University of Toronto Unit 3 members.

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April GMM: Tentative Agenda (April 17, 2019)

  1. Roll call of officers (5 minutes)
  2. Reading of the Equality Statement (3 minutes)  
  3. Reading of the Mississauga Land Acknowledgement (2 minutes) 
  4. Notices (5 minutes)
    1. Bylaw Amendment: Article 10 (Committees)
    2. Bylaw Amendment: Article 14.V.a (Elections)
    3. Bylaw Amendment: Article 7.c (Dues and Assessments)
    4. Bylaw Amendment: Article 8.I (Chairperson
  5. Approval of Minutes (10 minutes)
    1. March 2019 AGM minutes
  6. Unfinished Business (10 minutes)
    1. Endorsement Request: We Are The Students – YU Campaign
    2. Update from the Better York Referendum
  7. Matters arising (15 minutes)
    1. Bylaw Amendment: Article 10 (Committees – Accessibility Committee)
    2. Bylaw Amendment: Trans Fund Committee  
    3. Bylaw Amendment: Article 10(e) – Committees  
    4. Bylaw Amendment: Article 9.I – Officers  
    5. Bylaw Amendment: Appendix G – Donations Policy (Application of the Donations Policy to Main Operating Lines)  
  8. Treasurer’s Report
    1. Notice of Proposed Budget Amendments
  9. New Business
    1. Endorsement Request: The United May Day Committee Rally (May 4)
  10. Nominations, Elections, Installations (15 minutes)
    1. Outstanding committee elections  
    2. Delegate elections
      1. CUPE Ontario Convention  
    3. Election of Trial Committee
  11. Executive Report-backs (15 minutes)
  12. Reports of Committees and Delegates
    1. National Bargaining Convention
  13. Adjournment

Lee Wiggins Childcare Centre Full- and Part-time Spaces Available

Lee Wiggins Childcare Centre offers a 35% subsidy for all CUPE 3903 members whose children use the Centre. This subsidy was established and has been augmented as a result of the Union’s negotiations with the employer across numerous rounds of bargaining. There are still full- and part-time spaces available for the spring and summer 2019 terms, and the Centre is now also accepting enrolments for the fall-winter 2019-20 academic terms.

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