Vacancies on Multiple Sub-Committees Are Still Open!


Nominations are now open for the committee positions listed below. Interested members should email Ali Gholami,VP Unit 1, to nominate themselves or for more information. The number in parenthesis shows the number of available vacancies, and more information about the committees is available here.

  • Advisory Committee on Race/Ethnic relations (1) 
  • Bargaining Research Preparatory Committee (2)
  • Bilingualism Committee (1)
  • Communications Committee (1)
  • CUPE Toronto District Council (3)
  • CSEU Committee (New in 2021) (2)
  • Distribution Committee (5)
  • Forum Moderators (changed in bylaws from Listserv mods 2018) (2)
  • Joint Health and Safety Committee Reps (12)
  • International Graduate Students’ Committee (1)
  • Labour Management Committee, Units 1-3 (1)
  • Labour Management Committee, Unit 4 (3)
  • Postings Officers (1)
  • Nursing Specific Posting Officer (2)
  • Unit 1 Research Costs Fund Committee (1)
  • Research Grants Fund and Travel Costs Fund Committee (1)
  • Senate Representative (1)
  • Toronto York Region Labour Council Representatives (6)
  • Union Trustees Committee (3)

Executive Elections 2023: Candidate Statements


Chief Steward Unit 1
Matt Lomas
I am the current Chief Steward for Unit 1, having been in the role since January 2022, and I am hoping to be re-elected to continue serving. Prior to working for the members of CUPE 3903, I represented the workers at Western University as the Chief Steward for the Social Sciences with PSAC 610. My experience as Chief Steward makes me particularly suited to the role as we go into what I expect will be a particularly contentious round of bargaining. Since I started in the role, I’ve been glad to be able to help members to understand their Collective Agreement rights through things like orientations and other workshops, but also by helping to prepare material such as the Unit 1 TA Handbook. I’ve also been able to assist members in organising direct action campaigns when those Collective Agreement rights have been violated or ignored. Not only do I think these things are vital for our members, I enjoy doing them. This year, CUPE 3903 is going into bargaining coming out of the wage freeze imposed by Bill 124 and during a period of serious inflation in Canada. To ensure that you get the best possible deal, you need to have an experienced representative who is dedicated to understanding and supporting you as union members and as workers. I have the experience, the institutional knowledge, and the dedication to do this for you, and that’s why I hope to be able to continue working with CUPE 3903 members as the Chief Steward for Unit 1.

Ehsan Tabesh
As a fourth-year PhD student in the Mechanical Engineering Department, I am excited to express my keen interest in running for the position of Chief Steward Unit 1 for 2023-2024 in CUPE 9303 at York University.
My academic journey has been closely tied to various associations and unions, such as the Material Engineering Students’ Association (MESA), the Iranian Union of Scientific Student Associations of Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering (IUSAME), and the York University Graduate Student Association (YUGSA). Through these experiences, I have gained a wealth of valuable skills in decision-making, conflict resolution, and the art of reconciling differing perspectives.
My dedication to the cause of social justice and equity is reflected in my last role as the Vice President Finance at YUGSA. During my tenure, I worked hard to make YUGSA a more inclusive, supportive, and anti-discriminatory organization. I was responsible for communication, coordinating and providing various services to graduate students at York, acted as the chief signing authority for the organization, and ensured that funds were disbursed in accordance with Council instructions.
As a candidate for the Chief Steward Unit 1 position, I firmly believe that my extensive experience, combined with my passion for serving union members, will enable me to excel in this role. I am committed to being an effective communicator, a proactive problem-solver, and a dedicated advocate for the rights and interests of union members. My diverse experiences and skills make me a strong candidate for this position.


Communications Officer
Erin McIntosh
Hi, I’m Erin McIntosh and I’m running for Communications Officer. As a Unit 1 Steward for the Department of Politics, I love organizing and connecting with fellow members, and my “friends and comrades” email communications have even become somewhat renowned within the department.

As it stands, the long-term effects of the global pandemic have resulted in a membership that is more disconnected and isolated than ever. We are heading into bargaining and often struggle to meet quorum for meetings. We need communications that feel inclusive, empowering and that leaves membership knowing that they are integral to union function, that it is not something that exists without them. I see a comprehensive communications campaign, premised on community and capacity building, as a crucial part of addressing these challenges.

I have experience managing communications for a non-profit organization, including newsletters, educational materials, website overhaul, press, and social media. Additionally, I have interned as a social media marketing assistant in the arts sector, and have learned the skills needed for creating a powerful social media campaign across many platforms. I have successfully promoted and executed a variety of events, ranging from workshops and conferences to fundraisers and cabarets.

This role will require dedication, determination and focus. If elected, I will work tirelessly to ensure that all members are informed, and engaged, with our unions’ activities, events and initiatives. The following are proposed strategies that I will adapt in collaboration with the wider executive team and membership:

  • Maintaining consistent and clear communications on procedure, meetings and news.
    • Revamping the weekly newsletters.
    • Website updates and maintenance.
    • Additional promotional communications for meetings and actions.
    • Creating educational material to share with members when promoting meetings so that they feel informed and empowered to participate.
  • A comprehensive social media campaign across all major platforms
    • Creating and maintaining a strict social media schedule and content calendar.
    • Building community through regularly scheduled cross-organization solidarity posts and information sharing.
    • Developing a bargaining specific communications campaign outside of regular scheduled communications.

Vedanth Govi
My name is Vedanth Govi (they/them) and I am a PhD student at LAPS, at the Department of Anthropology. I am running for the executive committee position of Communications Officer (CO) for the 2023 term. I bring experience to this position at a time where the communications landscape is rapidly changing and therefore my experience will be crucial in revamping various aspects of the communication portfolio. In my time as the CO for the previous term, I have initiated several projects to improve our communications, including working closely with our Equity Officer and Assistant-Staff representative towards creating a website that is more accessible in further compliance the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA). Furthermore, I also helped develop the COVID-19 Reporting Tool as part of our back-to-campus campaign and revived our Instagram page to make information available across a variety of platforms. I want to build on the work I have been doing, which includes focusing on the following projects, and others as might emerge:

  1. Building a more robust social media policy that cements our Twitter and Instagram profiles firmly in the algorithm by developing a scheduling roster that turns posting across platforms into a well-oiled machine so that these platforms can be used effectively for our campaigns during times of outreach, to inform and, fight back against various forms of misinformation.
  2. Work closely with our website vendor Union1 to ensure that new 3903 website is rolled out in the coming term with all our major accessibility concerns addressed.
  3. Work with the Bargaining Team to improve bargaining survey reach and relevance, as well as raise awareness about key issues for all units as we build towards bargaining.
  4.  Reorganise the Comms profile to include the Recording Secretary to build towards efficiency by collaborating on all overlapping areas.

Arefeh Shamskhany
My name is Arefeh Shamskhany and I am a Ph.D. Candidate in the Civil Engineering Department, at York University. As Communications Officer, I will strive to ensure that all members are informed and engaged in our local’s activities. I had similar responsibility at YUGSA as the VP-Internal for the past year, and I know the ups and downs of this position. I believe that it is essential to maintain an open line of communication between the Executive Committee and the membership. To achieve this, I will hold monthly meetings with the members of the Communications and Distribution Committees to gather input and feedback and to ensure that the communication strategy aligns with the local’s goals and values.
In addition to the newsletter and social media, I will explore new avenues to reach out to our membership, such as podcasts, webinars, and other digital media. One of my goals is to ensure that our communication is accessible and inclusive to all members, including those with accessibility requirements.
As a responsible and experienced communication officer, I understand the importance of record-keeping and confidentiality. I will ensure that all books, seals, and other properties of the Local Union are properly maintained and transferred to my successor upon the termination of my term of office. I will also provide a copy of all documents pertaining to my work to the CUPE 3903 Archive to ensure that our history and achievements are archived and preserved for future generations.
In summary, I believe that my experience, skills, and dedication to the membership make me an ideal candidate for the position of Communications Officer at CUPE 3903. My goal is to enhance our communication strategy and ensure that all members are informed and engaged in our activities.

Thank you for considering my candidacy.

Elect your executive officers and vote on main operating budget: Attend the Annual General Membership Meeting – March 24th (3-6pm)


We are hosting a General Membership Meeting via Zoom on March 24th from 3:00pm to 6:00pm! All members are encouraged to attend.

Attention! This is an important meeting for the union and its members. We’ll be electing our executive committee members and committee members (for EHB, Ways and Means, the Professional Development Fund etc.). 

We’ll also be voting on the union’s main operating budget.

Please register in advance for this meeting here.

In order to register, you will need to provide your employee number, which will be kept confidential. Your employee number is on your monthly pay stub. If you don’t know your employee number, please click here for instructions.

Keep reading for the tentative agenda, accessibility information and more.

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Election Update: Withdrawal of Application and Acclamation of Two More Positions


The member Vincent Collins would no longer like to run for the BT and Exec. As a result, the following positions are now acclaimed:

Unit 1 Bargaining Team

  1. Martin Schoots-McAlpine
  2. Isaac Thornley
  3. Rhiannon Cobb

Vice-President, Unit 1

  1. Ali Gholami

We congratulate members who have been acclaimed to the Bargaining Team and Executive Committee and wish the very best to those who will be running for elections.

Bargaining Team and Executive Committee Nominations


The nomination period for the 2023 Bargaining Team (Units 1, 2, and 3) and the 2023-2024 Executive Committee closed on March 9 at 11:59 a.m. Please find the results below.

For contested positions, the campaigning period is open from March 10-23, 2023. Candidates should submit campaign statements (suggested length of 300 words) to the Elections Officers at by March 13, 2023.

Voting will commence at the AGM on March 24th and will continue thereafter until 5pm on March 29, 2023.

Voting will be online and undertaken via Simply Voting. Members will receive a link and their voting credentials via email from Simply Voting.

The nominees for the Bargaining Team are as follows:

Unit 1

Martin Schoots-McAlpine

Isaac Thornley

Rhiannon Cobb

Vincent Collins

Unit 2

Zoe Newman – acclaimed

Stephanie Latella – acclaimed

The nominees for the Executive Committee are as follows:


Stephanie Latella – acclaimed

Chief Steward, Unit 1

Matthew Lomas

Ehsan Tabesh

Fatemeh Gharibi

Chief Steward, Unit 2

Christopher Bailey – acclaimed

Vice-President, Unit 1

Vincent Collins

Ali Gholami

Vice-President, Unit 2

Julie Allen – acclaimed

Vice-President Unit 3

Keefer Wong – acclaimed


Aidin Torkameh – acclaimed

Communications Officer

Vedanth Govi

Erin McIntosh

Arefeh Shamskhany

Recording Secretary

Vanessa Lehan – acclaimed

Grievance Officer

Parbattie Ramsarran – acclaimed


We congratulate members who have been acclaimed to the Bargaining Team and Executive Committee and wish the very best to those who will be running for elections.


Call for Trans Fund Committee Members (CUPE 3903)


The Trans Feminist Action Committee (TFAC) and Trans Caucus seeks three (3) self-identified trans members for the Trans Fund Committee. The Trans Fund is composed of 3 people whose responsibilities include advertising and promoting the Fund, receiving and reviewing applications, adjudicating applications, determining disbursements and other duties. All of the individuals who are elected to the Trans Fund must be trans-identified.

The Trans Fund Committee is responsible for adjudicating  three rounds (over three semesters) of the Trans Fund and will receive $500 each for the year. All trans-identified members of CUPE 3903 are eligible for these positions. We especially encourage trans women and trans feminine persons to apply.

To nominate yourself for the Trans Fund Committee, please email the election officer, Evan Vipond, at Please include Trans Fund Committee in the subject line.

The nomination period is open from Tuesday, March 7, 2023 to Sunday, March 19, 2023 4pm (EST). If more than three people are nominated for the committee, an election will be held at the TFAC AGM on Monday, March 20 at 10am on Zoom.

TFAC Annual General Meeting – Monday, March 20th at 10am!


Come join us for the Trans Feminist Action Caucus (TFAC) Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Monday March 20th at 10am! At the AGM, we will elect the new TFAC co-chairs for the 2023-2024 year as well as the members for the Sexual Assault Survivor Support Fund (SASSF) committee and the Trans Fund committee. We will also pass a budget for the upcoming year.

Click here to join the meeting!

The Trans Feminist Action Caucus (TFAC) is an autonomous body of CUPE 3903 that consists of all women, trans*, gender queer and gender variant members of the Local. All TFAC members are welcome and encouraged to attend meetings, participate in the caucus, and run for the open positions below.

Open Nominations

TFAC Co-Chairs (2 positions)

The two TFAC Co-Chairs sit on the CUPE 3903 Executive Committee, and ensure the smooth running of TFAC. Want to nominate yourself for TFAC co-chair or need more information? Please email the election officers, Gizem Çakmak and Evan Vipond, at

TFAC Co-Chairs receive executive committee honoraria (varies depending on the number of sitting exec members, typically $800-1000/month)

Trans Fund Committee (3 positions)

Want to nominate yourself for the Trans Fund Committee or need more information? Please email Evan Vipon at

Members of the Trans Fund Committee receive a $500 honoraria for their work adjudicating the Trans Fund.

Sexual Assault Survivor Support Fund Committee (3 positions)

Want to nominate yourself for SASSF committee or need more information? Please email the TFAC co-chairs at

Members of the SASSF Committee receive a $500 honoraria for their work adjudicating the SASS Fund.

Looking forward to seeing folks on the 20th!

Did you know? If you are the minute taker for a TFAC meeting, you will receive a $50 honorarium.

Follow TFAC on Facebook:

Get involved on our Committees for the Annual Term of 2023!


Nominations are now open for the new annual terms of the committee positions listed below. Interested members should email Ali Gholami, VP Unit 1, to nominate themselves or for more information. The deadline for nominations is 5 pm, Monday 13th March.

Any committees with more nominees than positions open will be voted on at the AGM on March 24th. Otherwise, nominees will be acclaimed to their position.

Nominees will be notified if their candidacy will be voted on at the AGM and are then welcome to send a short written candidate statement (max 150 words) for inclusion in the AGM package by no later than 5 pm, Monday, 20th March. There will also be time at the AGM (Friday, 24th March at 3 pm ) for nominees to briefly speak about their candidacies if they want to.

For further details on the work of each committee and the honorarium payment attached to their work, please see here.

  • Accessibility Committee (4 vacancies)
  • Advisory Committee on Race/Ethnic Relations, Discrimination and/or Harassment (2 vacancies)
  • All-University Pensions Committee (1 vacancy)
  • Archive Committee (2 vacancies)
  • Bargaining Research and Preparation Committee (3 vacancies)
  • Bilingualism Committee (2 vacancies)
  • Bursaries Committee (2 vacancies)
  • Communications Committee (4 vacancies
  • CSEU Committee (2 vacancies)
  • CUPE Toronto District Council (6 vacancies)
  • Distribution Committee (6 vacancies)
  • Employment Equity Committee (3 vacancies)
  • Extended Health Benefits Committee (4 vacancies)
  • Forum moderators (2 vacancies)
  • Joint Health & Safety Committee (14 vacancies)
  • International Graduate Students’ Committee (2 vacancies)
  • Labour-Management Committee (3 vacancies; one each unit 1, unit 2, unit 3)
  • Labour Management Committee, Unit 4 (3 vacancies)
  • Postings Officers (2 general vacancies)
  • Nursing Specific Posting Officer (2 Vacancies)
  • Unit 1 Research Costs Funds Committee (unit 1 only, 2 vacancies)
  • Research Leave Adjudicating Committee (Unit 2 only, 1 vacancy)
  • Senate Representative (1 representative, 1 alternate)
  • Teaching Development Fund Committee (Unit 2 only, 2 vacancies)
  • Toronto & York Region Labour Council (6 vacancies)
  • Union Trustees’ Committee (1 vacancy, 3 year term)
  • Affordable Housing Committee (2 Vacancies)

Run for the Bargaining Team! Nominations Close March 9

The nominations for all bargaining team positions for Units 1, 2, and 3 have been reopened and will close on March 9th at 12pm. To nominate yourself, be sure to read the instructions closely and provide a full nomination before the deadline.

Read more about the reopening of the nominations and nomination instructions. 

Hear What Previous BT Members Have to Say!

Interested in running for bargaining team, but not sure what it’s like? Below you will find pictures of quotes from previous bargaining team members, as well as transcripts of these quotes.

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Executive Committee Nominations Open February 24

The CUPE 3903 2023 Executive Committee election nominations period will be open from February 24th at 12pm to March 9th at 12pm.

All members, especially Black, First Nations and racialized members, and members from other equity seeking groups, are strongly encouraged to run for the next executive committee in fulfillment of our equity mandate. For a list of executive positions, please see CUPE 3903 Executive Committee.

(NB: Trans Feminist Action Caucus (TFAC) co-chairs are elected by members of TFAC through an independent election run by TFAC election officers.)

Election Timeline

The election timeline will be as follows:

  • Nominations Period: February 24 – 12pm to March 9 – 12pm
  • Campaigning Period: March 10 – 12pm to March 23 – 12pm
  • Voting Period (via SimplyVoting): March 24 – 5pm to March 29 – 5pm

Nomination Instructions

The online NOMINATION FORM is available here: Executive Committee Nomination Form. The form will close at the end of the nomination period (March 9, 2023 at 12 pm).

To nominate yourself:

  • Nominees must fill out and submit the electronic nomination form linked above.
    The traditional register and nomination form have been combined into a single electronic election nomination form, thus it is the only thing a nominee will need to fill out.
  • A nominee will need to know the names and email addresses of two supporters, who need to be members in good standing. If the nomination is for a Chief Steward or Vice President position, the supporters must be members of the relevant bargaining unit (e.g., for a Unit 1 position, the supporters must be members of Unit 1).
  • Upon submission of the nomination form, the supporters will be automatically contacted by email to endorse the nomination via a pre-populated supporter form. Both supporter forms must be submitted before the deadline in order for the nomination to be considered complete. The form will be disabled at the close of the nomination period. Please note that some people have had the supporter form go to their Junk folder, so if you have agreed to support a candidate, please also check your Junk folder for the form.
  • The nomination period will open at 12pm on Feb 24th and will close two weeks later on March 9th at 12pm. The nomination form and supporter forms will automatically be disabled at the close of the nomination period.
  • Information concerning the campaigning period and electronic voting will be forthcoming.
  • Should members have any accessibility concerns, they should contact the Electoral Officers at, or the Equity Officer at