Was your LSTA not renewed? Let’s make sure York is playing by the rules!


Several Unit 2 members with LSTAs have been notified that their LSTAs will not be renewed. It looks like a very sharp increase in non-renewals. York is using a clause in the Collective Agreement that ties LSTA appointments to “departmental need” to deny our members renewal. If you had an LSTA that will not be renewed we are asking for your help to push back, and collect data on this startling rise in non-renewals.

Please contact Mike Palamarek (Chief Steward Unit 2), Vanessa Lehan-Streisel (VP Unit 2) or Julian Arend (Grievance Officer) with your department (where the LSTA was held), any explanation you’ve been given for the non-renewal, and any other information you may think is pertinent. We may be able to file individual grievances in cases where departments are clearly making efforts to exclude people. Please reach out to us!

We also want to raise the scope of this issue at the next LMC meeting and demand detailed justifications from departments. To do this well we need data. Even if you don’t think your case can be grieved, we need this information to hold York accountable.

Have you received a program extension?  We need your help!


In order to protect some of our most vulnerable members, CUPE 3903 is currently asking for information from members – past and present – on their experience with successful Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) petitions for program extensions.

Program extensions for members who carry out Executive Committee or Bargaining Team service, and/or for members with disabilities, have been an important part of our collective agreements (CA). Not all members have been getting the same funding supports for the extensions though.

The Union is collecting data for a case that would protect priority pool funding for doctoral candidate members who get approved FGS petition extensions, under either or both articles 15.09 or 15.10 of the Unit 1 CA. That is, on grounds of 12 months of service on the Executive Committee and/or Bargaining Team, and/or 12 to 24 months on the basis of disability.

If you have received one or more of these extensions at any point, please contact the Union’s Equity Officer, advising her of the year, if you got a TA (or equivalent), and if you were given funding for the summer prior to the extended year(s). No discussion of the content of your petition is required – just that it was approved and what funding you got, if any.

Our Equity Officer can be reached via email at: CUPE3903.equity.officer@gmail.com or via phone at 416-736-5154 ext. 3

River Run 2019: Walk with Grassy Narrows for Mercury Justice!

When: Thursday, June 20th at 12pm
Where: begin at Queen’s Park, march to 655 Bay Street

Grassy Narrows First Nation was polluted with 9 tonnes of mercury in the 1960s and 94% of current residents receive zero support for their ongoing mercury poisoning. Their struggle is one of the clearest examples of what real, tangible Reconciliation means in Canada today.  Walk with Grassy Narrows community members to show that you are with them at this critical moment to achieve mercury justice!

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Units 1, 2 and 3 LMC Report (Meeting of May 21st)

On Tuesday, May 21st, the union’s Labour-Management Committee met with the employer to discuss a full agenda of issues for Units 1, 2, and 3.

Many of the items that have been on recent agendas were returned to and updates requested. Since our last LMC meeting in April, little progress has been made on PER reporting for Unit 2, putting Work Histories online, making T2200 more accessible for members, and the Joint Committee on Childcare at Glendon. We also continue to wait for responses from EO’s and Associate Deans regarding the new issues we introduced last month regarding regular updating of office computers, office keys, and ensuring Unit 2 representation at department meetings.

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York Changes Parking Enforcement at Keele and Glendon

Members may want to be aware that effective July 15th York University Parking Officers will be licensed under the Provincial Offences Act. This will change some of the ticketing procedures and may leave some vehicles subject to towing to a municipally-licensed impound. We’ve been told further information will be posted to parking.info.yorku.ca. You can also find details in the following Parking Memorandum.