TFAC Elections

2020-21 TFAC Co-Chair Election Update

TFAC would like to again welcome Bridget Liang as one of the new TFAC Co-Chairs! Bridget was acclaimed in March. We then decided to open nominations again and two members put their names forward, Navi Dhanota and Stephanie Jonsson.

We will be inviting both Navi and Stephanie to say a few words and answers some questions at the upcoming TFAC AGM, Monday June 15 from 11-1. This meeting will be held via Zoom and voting will take place inside the meeting. The zoom meeting information will be circulated on the TFAC listserv.

If you are a TFAC member and would like to attend the meeting but are not on the TFAC listserv please email the current TFAC Co-Chairs at If you have concerns or questions about the election process please email the TFAC Election Officers at

The Trans Feminist Action Caucus (TFAC) is an autonomous body of CUPE 3903 that consists of all women, trans, gender queer and gender variant members of CUPE 3903.

Statements for TFAC Co-Chair election 2020-2021

TFAC Nomination Statement: Navi Dhanota

I am interested in the role of TFAC Co-Chair because I would like to serve my community with my experience in negotiations, activism and administrative tasks.

I locate myself as a racialized, gender-fluid, neurodiverse, queer person; I am also a PhD Candidate in the Critical Disability Studies program. As TFAC Co-Chair I would bring a sensitivity, through lived-experience and activism, pertaining to systemic marginalization and would ensure that any tasks I was involved with would consider intersectional feminism and the well-being of our membership.

As this is a bargaining year, it is particularly important that TFAC has a reliable and devoted Co-Chair who is dedicated to go the extra mile. Though I am new to the CUPE community, I believe my experience could be an asset to TFAC with the difficult tasks that lay ahead.

In my personal work, I have led a province-wide initiative to increase accessibility to post-secondary students; I have worked with York administration and their lawyers, as well as external organizations such as the Ontario Human Rights Commission to attend meetings, negotiate policy and guidelines and make systemic changes which are now housed on the provincial website.

I have also worked closely with students with disabilities in my role as an Accessibility Consultant in post-secondary. I have come to understand the ways in which disabilities are often located at the intersections of systemic marginalization and have adopted practices attuned to the issues of women, trans, gender variant and gender queer students.

In my role as an Accessibility Consultant I have three years experience with administrative tasks, which included attending meetings, taking minutes, facilitating consultations, writing letters and being a point-of-contact to external organizations.

What I lack in experience, I make up in dedication to learning with the purpose of serving our community; I hope you will consider giving me a chance to grow in this role.

TFAC Nomination Statement: Stephanie Jonsson

To My Fellow Graduate Students and CUPE Colleagues:

My name is Stephanie Jonsson. I am a 3rd year PhD student in Gender, Feminist, and Women studies who is invested in fostering spaces that value the importance of gender and sexual diversity. I am an active member of the LGBTQ2S community as member of various organizations like the Senior Pride Network (SPN), National Seniors Advisory Committee (NSAC), and Rainbow Faith and Freedom (RFF). My research focuses on the barriers LGBTQ2S older adults experience when accessing long-term care in Canada. I am passionate about improving the lives of LGBTQ2S older adults since their needs and concerns with aging often go unrecognized within the LGBTQ2S community. I value working from an intergenerational, intersectional, and anti-colonial framework that promotes safe inclusive spaces for all LGBTQ2S community members.

As a bisexual woman I recognize the importance of having voices that speak on behalf of women, trans, gender queer, and gender variant people. As a white, able-bodied woman I acknowledge that I possess an abundance of privilege. My aim as a TFAC co-chair would be to give all members the ability to participate in discussions that will focus on community building, combating sexism on and off campus, and coalition building to strengthen our community connections. This is an exciting opportunity for me and I hope that I am able to represent our community in a positive way as co-chair alongside Bridget Liang.


Stephanie Jonsson