Back Pay Update

On June 25th, you should have received all retroactive pay increases you are owed from the Fall term of 2020 to the Winter term of 2024, provided that you were an active employee in the Winter term of 2024 when the new collective agreement was ratified. 

If you did not have a winter contract and are eligible for 2020-2023 back pay, you should have received an email in the end of June or the beginning of July from someone from Payroll & Records at York asking you to send them your banking information.

You must submit your information by September 30th in order to receive the back pay you are owed from 2020-2023. You should receive that back pay by October 25th, 2024, which is the next regular pay date after the deadline.

If you did NOT receive that email, it is vital that you inform the union by emailing Neil at Please include your employee number. We will make sure you are on the list of people the university needs to make arrangements with to ensure you receive the pay you are owed.

Important note:

This long wait is intended to give the union time to reach out to all former employees to make sure they submit their banking information to receive the pay they are owed. Please help spread the word to your colleagues in this situation who may not be checking their York email!