Results: Executive Committee Elections 2024-2025

Results – Executive Committee Elections 2024-25

Start: 2024-06-14 17:00:00 America/Toronto
End: 2024-06-19 17:00:00 America/Toronto

Communications Officer

Mackenzie Edwards: 193 (58.3%)
Elisa Dong: 94 (28.4%)
Kathleen Cherrington: 44 (13.3%)
Total: 368
Abstain: 37 (10.1%)

Vice-President Unit 1

Collin Xia: 155 (73.1%)
Aidin Torkameh: 57 (26.9%)
Total: 223
Abstain: 11 (4.9%)

Lead Steward Unit 1

*Run-off Election Needed*

Rebecca (Becky) Whiley: 93 (44.3%)
Vinnie Collins: 64 (30.5%)
Sofia Chaudhry Schlichting: 31 (14.8%)
Anson Nater: 22 (10.5%)
Total: 223
Abstain: 13 (5.8%)

Vice-President Unit 2 

*Run-off Election Needed*

Joseph Tohill: 53 (39.3%)
Catherine Swenson: 43 (31.9%)
Sylvia Peacock: 39 (28.9%)
Total 141
Abstain 6 (4.3%)

Lead Steward Unit 2

Neil Braganza: 74 (55.2%)
Christopher Bailey: 60 (44.8%)
Abstain: 7 (5.0%)

Run-Off Elections

The Lead Steward Unit 1 and Vice-President Unit 2 positions will be proceeding to a runoff election beginning June 20th – 5PM as no candidate was able to secure >50% of the vote. According to CUPE 3903 bylaws, in order for someone to be elected they must receive a majority of the votes (50%+1). A plurality is not sufficient to be elected. As no candidate for these two positions were able to obtain a majority of the votes, a run-off election will occur with the candidate receiving the fewest votes withdrawn. The process will continue until a candidate obtains a majority.

Below is the relevant passage in the bylaws:

“A candidate must obtain a majority of votes cast, i.e. at least 50% plus 1, to be declared elected. When no candidate obtains a majority, the candidate receiving the fewest votes shall be dropped and a second ballot taken. The process shall continue until one candidate has obtained a majority.”

All electors will be receiving a new ballot and the runoff election will occur from Thursday, June 20th – 5PM to Tuesday, June 25 – 5PM.

The following are the remaining candidates:

Rebecca (Becky) Whiley
Vinnie Collins
Sofia Chaudhry Schlichting

Joseph Tohill
Catherine Swenson