Want your own soapbox? CUPE 3903 has a video project for you!


As CUPE 3903 bargains a new collective agreement, we’re inviting you to share your experience teaching and studying at York. Have you been able to access good teaching and research supports in your department and program of study? Tell us how you’ve managed your academic life this past year surviving the global pandemic. Has the union helped you cope with your financial burdens through its funding programs? Where would you like to see changes and improvements occur? Tell us what’s bubbling up inside and let your voice be heard!

We want to hear what 3903 members have to say, and we’re inviting you to submit a short video essay to showcase on our website and social media channels (Facebook, Twitter & YouTube). You can make it yourself or collaborate with colleagues. Let us know:

i) Why you became an academic and MA/PhD Student
ii) Your account of work and research conditions at York (expectations met and not met)
iii) Any interactions or experiences with the union or its services and supports
iv) What you want to see in the near future

Length: 1–2 min.
Deadline: May 17, 2021
For more information and to submit your video contact: cupe3903comms@gmail.com

Callout – Organizing4Power Training in May/June with Jane McAlevey


Organizing4Power is holding its fourth training event. This training is FREE. It is hosted by Jane McAlevey, a very experienced union organizer from the US and these online training workshops are run by Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung. Previous training sessions have hosted over 40 countries and tens of thousands of union and community organizers throughout the world who are trying to learn how to build the power they need to win against bosses, landlords, governments etc. The training starts May 18th and consists of a single two (2) hour long training once a week (every Tuesday) for six (6) weeks (May 18th to June 22nd). Here you will learn the basic foundations of Jane McAlevey’s organizing approach. Her approach is important because it relies on rank and file union members organizing together to build a strong high participation union via a bottom-up driven organizing structure. Members are strongly encouraged to attend if they can. The Group Registration Deadline is May 3rd.

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Nominations Open – 6 Delegates for the 29th Constitutional Convention of the Canadian Labour Congress – Deadline May 14th, 2021


CUPE 3903 is sending 6 delegates to the 29th Constitutional Convention of the Canadian Labour Congress. The virtual convention will be held virtually from Wednesday, June 16 to Friday, June 18, 2021. Here is the agenda.

Any members who wish to nominate themselves can email VP Unit 1, Chris Little. Nominations will close on Friday May 14th.

Nominate yourself for the TFAC Financial Assistance Fund Committee!


In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and as per a motion passed by the TFAC membership at the January 28th, 2021 meeting, TFAC is establishing a pilot project: TFAC Financial Assistance Fund.

Three committee members are needed to meet twice and distribute the funds. The committee will provide a report for the membership at the end of the adjudication, and receive a $100 honorarium upon completion of their service.

TFAC members can submit their nominations to tfac.cupe3903@gmail.com by May 10th at 5:00 pm EST. If more than three members put their names forward, an election will be held at the next TFAC meeting (last week of May).

York University President and Upper Administration Face Allegations of Anti-Black Racism


Despite President Rhonda Lenton’s, Provost & VP Academic, Lisa Phillips’, and members of York University’s upper administration’s recent attempts to improve its public relations campaign on anti-Black racism, the university faces serious allegations of a coverup. Their attempts to suppress Professor Aimé Avolonto’s charges of racism in his department has backfired and now become a national scandal, with coverage on the CBC’s National. The professor has written a detailed report of the events that have transpired since making his first complaint in 2017, when he asked for a fair and proper investigation into the situation. It is quite regrettable that Lenton and Phillips, who have taken anti-Black racism pledges in the media, have simultaneously taken aggressive steps to terminate his professorship. Multiple students’ testimonies attest to their admiration, love and respect for Professor Avolonto; he has been teaching at York University since 2004, and was twice elected Chair in his department. It is a treacherous situation when complainants seeking an investigation into racism become instead the very target of racist attacks.

Sign the petition and support Professor Aimé Avolonto’s fight for justice.

On Thursday, April 8th, a press conference was held. Watch the entire press conferenceFind out more about the campaign to support Prof. Avolonto.

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Notice – Consultation with Unit 1 Members on Framework and Action Plan for Black Inclusion – April 23rd (9am)

CUPE 3903 is inviting Black-identified Unit 1 members to a consultation on York University’s Framework and Action Plan on Black inclusion.

CUPE 3903 has successfully advocated for a consultation of Black identified Unit 1 members with VP Equity, People, and Culture, Sheila Cote-Meek.

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