Join the Members-Only Area Working Group

During the May 30 General Membership Meeting, a decision was made to create a Members-Only Area Working Group. Creating a members-only area for our website, on which sensitive documents could be stored for easier access by the membership, is a project that many members feel very strongly about. So get involved! If you would like to participate, email Kyle at

Members are invited to join this working group to prepare a proposal, which would be presented to the membership. Some issues that members of this working group might consider include:

  • Feasibility and cost
  • Different options for login/registration
  • Security
  • Protocols for the sharing of documents
  • Other issues deemed relevant by the Working Group

May 30 GMM: Tentative Agenda

CUPE 3903 General Membership Meeting
Date: May 30, 2017
Location: Harry Crowe, 109 Atkinson

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Tentative Agenda:

  1. Role Call of Officers
  2. Reading of the Equality Statement
  3. Reading of the Mississauga Land Acknowledgement
  4. Approval of Agenda
  5. Approval of May 2 GMM Minutes
  6. Treasurer’s Report
  7. Bargaining Team Report
    1. Bargaining Parameters
  8. Notices of Motion
    1. Proposed bylaw amendment to Article 10: Committees
  9. Nominations, Elections, Acclamations
    1. Acclamations
      1. Accessibility Committee – Jacqueline Ristola, Shila Khayambashi
      2. CUPE Toronto District Council – Jacqueline Ristola
      3. Toronto York Region Labour Council – Jacqueline Ristola
    2. Vacancies
      1. Election Committee – 2
      2. Bilingualism Committee – 2
      3. CUPE Toronto District Council – 1
      4. Employment Equity Committee – 1
      5. Health and Safety Committee – 1
      6. Labour Management Committee – Unit 3, Unit 4
      7. Toronto York Region Labour Council – 7
      8. Unit 2 Listserv Moderators – 1
  10. Matters Arising
    1. Donation to The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu (Toronto), for 5th Toronto Mapuche Solidarity Film Festival ($3,100)
    2. Donation to TRACX, covering expenses for annual symposium budget ($675)
    1. Donation to Toronto Against Fascism ($1,000)
    2. Donation to Latin American Caribbean Solidarity Network ($500)
    3. Donation to Black Lives Matter Freedom School ($3,000)
    4. Proposed bylaw amendment to Article 17.2(f): Election of Negotiating Teams
    5. Request to Increase Communications Budget Line ($5,000)
  11. Executive Reports
  12. Adjournment

Please contact Sheila Wilmot at or at 416-736-5154 ext. 3 if you require any of the following: ASL interpretation, reimbursement for childcare/caregiver/attendant care, and/or transportation costs for members who are unable to secure Wheel-Trans, or other requests for accommodation.

Bargaining Team Meeting Report – May 16

The Bargaining Team (BT) for Units 1, 2, and 3 met for the fifth time on Tuesday May 16.

1) Joint Health and Safety Committee Discussion of Bargaining Proposals and Priorities
2) Update from 3903 Executive on Unfair Labour Practice
3) Upcoming Meetings

Joint Health and Safety Committee Discussion of Bargaining Proposals and Priorities


The joint health and safety committee is a joint committee with the employer responsible for ensuring the safety of our workplaces across both the Glendon and Keele campuses. It composed of 6 representatives from the union and representatives from the employer. Each union has its own health and safety representatives that meet regularly with the employer to do inspections and discuss safety concerns.

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Childcare Fund Deadline: May 31

The deadline to apply for the CUPE 3903 Childcare Fund is May 31. If you have already applied (and received money) in the fall or Winter term then you do not need to apply again.

The Childcare Fund is for all 3903 members who incur costs related to the care of children under the age of 13 (or 18 if the child has additional needs). The committee has heard from several members who thought they were not eligible because their child is not in daycare so we want to be clear that this fund is to help cover ANY cost related to children, not just childcare!

You can find the application form here (or as a Word document from the Childcare Fund page) or in the union office (143 Atkinson). The application does need to be mailed or dropped off to the union office as we do not accept applications by email. You will need to provide proof of parental responsibilities by providing documentation such as, but not exclusive to, copies of birth certificates or guardianship papers. Please note that you also need to provide you social insurance number and date of birth. For children with disabilities/additional needs a letter from a medical care provider shall be submitted.

If you have any questions email

Conversions and Long Service Teaching Appointments 2017-18

Conversion into full-time faculty positions and Long Service Teaching Appointments (LSTAs) are available to Unit 2 (contract faculty) members as per the collective agreement. There are 8 conversions (4 Professorial Stream and 4 Alternate Stream) and 7 LSTAs this year.

We would like to congratulate the members who have received these appointments (the list only includes those who consented to be named):

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Committee Vacancies

Committee members ensure the disbursement of funds, liaise with other locals in the labour movement and community, help with our communications, and enact important projects for our union. In sum, they are the backbone of any functioning union! If you would like to get involved, sitting on a committee (or two!) is a great way to contribute to your local. Every committee position includes an honorarium.

Committee positions that are currently vacant are listed below. The nomination period is open until May 29, 5 pm. To nominate yourself, email Julian at

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Join the Anti-Racism Workshop and Training Working Group

At the May 2 General Membership Meeting, a new working group was created, the Anti-Racism Workshop and Training Working Group. This group comes as a result of a motion passed at the January GMM, establishing the need for monthly anti-racism training and workshops.

This working group will be formulating what the needs of the local are in terms of anti-racism training. Working groups are, according to our bylaws, open to all members. However, Indigenous and racialized voices will be prioritized in this space.

To get involved, contact a Vice-President.

Open Letter to the York Administration: No More Broken Promises

Dear President Shoukri and President-Designate Lenton,

The administration you lead, and are about to lead, is exacting a toll through intransigence and dishonesty toward CUPE 3903 members of the York University community. We appeal to you to act to end the pattern of broken promises. You must ensure that those who work under your leadership honour the promises made on your behalf. You have often stated that you hold progressive values; surely these include honesty and respect for labour rights.

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