Grievances for Less Than 100% Remediation

If after checking your recent pay statements via HR Self Serve, you have received less than 100% remediation pay, CUPE 3903 is able to file a grievance on your behalf in order to advocate that you get all the pay you are owed. A Jotform link has been created for you to upload the relevant information, which includes:

  • All Written Offers of Appointment for 2023-24
  • Paystubs, including:
    • January paystub
    • the one with 90% advance pay
    • the one with 10% remaining pay
  • CD/TA remediation workload forms
  • Any correspondence indicating departmental approval of those forms

Click here for the Jotform link to upload your information about remediation pay grievances!

Also, consider attending a Check Your Paycheque help session (linked) if you are in Unit 2.