Ways and Means Fund

Ways and Means Fund Committee

The key duties of this committee are to review and adjudicate applications, awarding funds to members whose financial hardships have been thoroughly documented (via receipts and other forms of verification) and are in agreement with the fund guidelines

Please direct all Ways and Means inquiries to cupe3903waysandmeans@gmail.com.

Information for applicants

The Ways and Means fund is available to CUPE local 3903 members who have experienced a recent, unexpected hardship that resulted in unexpected financial stress/hardship. This fund is available only to members of the Local.

Applicant guidelines

1. The Ways and Means Fund now has an online application. Applicants requiring a paper application may pick one up in the union office (143 Atkinson). To complete applications away click on the Ways and Means application.

2. A detailed, approximately, one page explanation outlining the event/incident/circumstance, etc. that resulted in the applicant’s financial hardship is required. Please note that due to the increased volume of applications, applications received that do not contain this explanatory letter will not be adjudicated.

3. All documentation pertaining to the unexpected financial hardship must be attached to the application. Vital documentation could include any or all of the following:

  • Original receipts for items or services purchased
  • Any proof of payment (or impending payment) documents (e.g. bills)
  • Proof of cost documents (e.g. letters from landlords or leases that prove rent costs, or screenshots/photos of prices of items that need to be purchased, or replaced)
  • Incident report numbers (e.g. police repot numbers)
  • Original price quotes (medical, legal, counselling, or anything else that comes in the form of a quote)
  • Insurance claims

In each application, the documentation chronicles to members of the Ways and Means Committee the event(s) of the unexpected financial hardship. If an event (death) is responsible for the financial hardship, merely providing a receipt (for travel cost) for reimbursement is insufficient. Documentation that this event occurred is also need (e.g. death certificate).  For example, if an applicant needs to move out of their old home, and into a new one they will need to provide documentation quoting the cost of  the new home, as well as documentation that explains the need to vacate (there are exceptions, e.g. violence in the home).  All applications to be adjudicated by the Ways and Means Committee must contain documents listed above, so as to be evaluated for reimbursement.

4. The following are examples of cases where applying to the Ways and Means Fund would be appropriate. Applicants are not limited to applying to the Ways and Means fund for these reasons alone. These are merely examples that will inform applicants of the requirements.

  • A relative or close friend is sick, or has passed away and the applicant requires transportation fare to visit them:
    • Applicant is to provide cost of transportation receipts as well as medical documentation that the person they are visiting is ill.
  • An applicant who owns a home has recently purchased or repaired a vital appliance in their home (e.g. a fridge, stove, toilet, or heating furnace):
    • Applicant should provide a copy of their mortgage as proof that they own the home. Applicant must also disclose their income as proof that they are unable to replace or repair the item with their current income.  Applicant must provide proof of cost or proof of repair document highlighting the    repair/replacement cost of the item.
  • The applicant has undergone a traumatic event that requires they purchase goods and/or services directly linked to this event.
    • Applicant needs to submit documentation including but not limited to police reports, insurance claims, bills for counselling services, etc. in addition to receipts for services rendered.
  • An applicant is renting a home that is infested with bed bugs
    • Provide a letter from the landlord that the home is indeed infested, along with receipts for items that need to be replaced.

5. Please note, the Ways and Means Fund only covers unexpected financial hardships for CUPE Local 3903 members. Unfortunately the following are not covered by the Ways and Means Fund because these  are either not unexpected or not for members:

  • Tuition fees (international or domestic)
  • Laptop or computer replacement (exception: assistive technology and other computer-based disability accommodations)
  • Personal medical expenses (apply for CUPE Extended Health Benefits)
  • Conference costs (travel, accommodation, or food) (apply for the Professional Development Fund)
  • Fieldwork costs (travel, accommodation, or food) (Apply for Fieldwork Cost Fund and Graduate Development Fund)
  • Landed immigrant costs
  • Permanent residency costs
  • Moving or rental fees (unless you can provide proof that you needed to move for an unexpected reason)
  • OSAP or any financial loan repayment
  • Medical or personal expenses incurred by non CUPE 3903 members
  • Internet or cellphone bills