3903’s Bylaws (Approved by Membership as of July 2018)

3903 Bylaws

3903’s Bylaw changes Awaiting CUPE-National Approval

There are several bylaw changes approved by the membership but awaiting approval from CUPE-National.

3903’S Rules of Order (For Meetings)

3903 Rules of Order 

Equality Statement 

The equality statement is recited before every GMM in accordance with the union policy of promoting anti-oppression awareness and a respectful collegiality amongst the membership.

CUPE National’s Constitution

CUPE National Constitution

Donations and Solidarity Fund Policy Document

Groups or organizations interested in making a donations or solidarity fund request are advised to consult CUPE 3903’s donations policy and to follow the guidelines before making a request. This policy was passed by members in February 2017.

Anti-Oppression Training

In August 2009, the membership approved an Anti-Oppression Training protocol that ensures committee members and Stewards’ have access to annual anti-oppression training. See our Anti-Oppression Training Page for more information.