3903’s Bylaws (Approved by Membership as of July 2018)

3903 Bylaws

3903’s Bylaw changes Awaiting CUPE-National Approval

There are several bylaw changes approved by the membership but awaiting approval from CUPE-National.

3903’S Rules of Order (For Meetings)

3903 Rules of Order 

Equality Statement 

The equality statement is recited before every GMM in accordance with the union policy of promoting anti-oppression awareness and a respectful collegiality amongst the membership.

CUPE National’s Constitution

CUPE National Constitution

Seniority Count of All CUPE 3903 Members (As of September 2017)

Ever wondered about where you rank on the seniority count used by York University to fill various teaching positions? The public posting of the seniority count for all members of CUPE 3903 was won in the 2011/12 round of bargaining. The list is organized alphabetically and includes the counts of all 3903 workers. Members are encouraged to double check their seniority count.

The list can be found here.

Donations and Solidarity Fund Policy Document

Groups or organizations interested in making a donations or solidarity fund request are advised to consult CUPE 3903’s donations policy and to follow the guidelines before making a request. This policy was passed by members in February 2017.