Collective Agreement

Where are the 2017-2020 Collective Agreements for Units 1 and 3?

Arbitrator Hayes issued his settlement for Units 1, 2 and 3 in December 2018. When York provided the union with these new collective agreements we discovered they had inserted a whole new Article into the Unit 1 and Unit 3 Collective Agreements.

This new Article was neither signed off on in bargaining, nor part of the Hayes settlement. York cannot unilaterally decide on new language to place in our CA. York has now agreed to remove this arbitrarily inserted language. We are still waiting for the final version of the Units 1 and 3 Collective Agreements.

Members can contact the Chief Stewards, or a Staff Representative with questions regarding the current CA. There is an updated members’ manual with some CA highlights, and the benefits and funds page has been updated to reflect the 2017-2020 CA language. 

2017-2020 collective agreements:

2014-2017 collective agreements:

2011-2014 collective agreements: