Finding Your YorkU Employee Number

Members will need their employee number for many reasons including setting up an employee Passport York (PPY). The employee PPY is different than the student account Units 1 and 3 members are usually assigned. An employee PPY is necessary for access to some class administrative sites or York’s employee only sites such as HR Selfserve,

For CUPE 3903 members, especially members in Units 1 and 3, an employee number can be difficult to find.

Your employee ID number can be found at the top of a pay stub, but paper paystubs are no longer mailed to employees. Instead employees must log-in to HR Selfserve (  which requires an employee passport York account for access (a passport York account you cannot set up without an employee number). This endless, frustrating circle can be overcome a few ways which are described below.

Finding your employee number:

  1. Your hiring department administrative assistant/manager may be able to tell you your employee number. Your hiring department is the department running the course you are working for as a Course Director, TA, marker/grader, and such.
  2. If you are a graduate student your Graduate Program Assistant may be able to tell you your employee number.
  3. If you are a Unit 2 (contract faculty) member and had a YorkU identification card made, then your employee number is on the front of the card under your name.
  4. If you have received your Sunlife health benefits plan card or registered for (once your benefits are active, you can register for without an employee number) you can get your employee number through Sunlife. Either check the “member ID” section of your benefits card or on go to “coverage information” then “quick view” to see your member ID. Your Sunlife member ID is your employee number.
    • On the drug card Sunlife mails to you (blue and yellow plastic card) the member ID is part of the number on the front of the card, above your name. The number on the front of the card has four parts: carrier number, contract number, member’s ID number, and issue number.
      • The carrier number comes first and is 16, the contract number is next and is 014098, your member ID is then the next (third) block of numbers. It may begin with a zero on your card but your real employee number is nine digits usually beginning with 102. For example; member ID on card is 0102345678, employee number is 102345678.
    •  If you go to and click “quick view” under “coverage information” then there will be a field labelled “Member ID” at the top. The Member ID should be a 9-digit number, which is also your employee number.
  5. The Treasurer may be able to look up your employee number on the membership lists given to the union by York. But the lists York provides are often out-dated, contain incorrect information, or are missing members. If the list is not late the union will still not have information on new members until after November 1st, or July 1st (for summer hires). If you are a new member, trying the methods above is normally quicker than contacting the Treasurer.