Executive Committee

The following members comprise the Executive Committee for 2018/19:

Name Title Email
Devin Lefebvre Chairperson cupe3903chairperson@gmail.com
Gizem Çakmak Recording Secretary recsec.cupe3903@gmail.com
Michael Laurentius Treasurer sectreasurer3903@gmail.com
Stacey Berquist Vice-President Unit 1 cupe3903vpu1@gmail.com
Sharon Davidson Vice-President Unit 2 cupe3903vpu2@gmail.com
Vacant Vice-President Unit 3 cupe3903vpu3@gmail.com
Tyler Ball Chief Steward Unit 1 cupe3903csu1@gmail.com
Mike Palamarek Chief Steward Unit 2 cupe3903chiefstewardunit2@gmail.com
Mariful Alam Chief Steward Unit 3 cupe3903csu3@gmail.com
Vacant Chief Steward Unit 4 cupe3903csu4@gmail.com
Fardosa Warsame Communications Officer cupe3903comms@gmail.com
Julian Arend Grievance Officer cupe3903go@gmail.com
Tanya Da Sylva TFAC Co-Chair tfac.cupe3903@gmail.com
Siobhan Saravanamuttu TFAC Co-Chair tfac.cupe3903@gmail.com