Childcare Fund

General Childcare Fund

The Childcare Fund is a fund in the amount of $260,000 per year, which was won for 2018-2019 and 2019-2020. It is meant to offset the childcare costs for members with childcare responsibilities.

Deadlines: Sept. 30th, Jan. 31st, May 31st.


Members are eligible if they meet the following conditions:

  1. Have childcare responsibilities, defined as guardianship or parenting (regardless of custody arrangement or legal standing)
  2. Have children under the age of thirteen (under 13 years old) and/or children with disabilities/additional needs (intellectual, psychiatric, physical, social, sensory) under the age of eighteen (under 18 years old).
  3. The benefit is per employee regardless of the number of children involved
  4. Members may choose to opt out of this benefit; if they opt out the money will be re-allocated to other eligible members.

This benefits applies to all members regardless of leave status, including but not limited to parental leave, long or short term disability and research leaves. Neither the union nor the employer shall choose the childcare provision arrangements.

How to Apply

The application form is now online! Fill out the online Childcare Fund form (if you need a paper copy email the committee). You will need to provide proof of parental responsibilities by providing documentation such as, but not exclusive to, copies of birth certificates or guardianship papers.

For children with disabilities/additional needs a letter from a medical care provider shall be submitted.

The union will destroy all personal information with the exceptions of the fact that you have children, the age of your youngest child, and whether any of your children have different abilities.


Childcare benefits will be disbursed each semester. The total amount of the childcare fund will be divided into three (Fall, Winter, Summer). The total amount of the fund will be divided equally among members with childcare responsibilities. The disbursements will be paid out (cheques to be picked up or put in the mail) by the last day of the second month of the semester.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the committee at