Update from the Job Stability Committee

The Job Stability Joint Committee (JSJC) is engaged in developing solutions for job stability for contract faculty at York University. This post explains the committee’s mandate, process, and what you can expect next.

What is the JSJC?

During the 2020-2021 bargaining round, the Union and the Employer were not able to come to an agreement regarding programs that would offer increased stability for contract faculty. Consequently, the parties agreed to the formation of the Job Stability Joint Committee, which is composed of five representatives from the Union and five representatives from the employer, and facilitated by mediator Chistopher Albertyn. This committee was given a mandate to make “recommendations for a new ongoing comprehensive job stability program” to replace the Continuing Sessional Standing Program (CSSP) and the Long Service Teaching Appointments (LSTAs), as per the Memorandum of Settlement which concluded bargaining in July 2021. The committee is tasked with concluding its process by June 30th, 2022. Assuming an agreement is reached, the Job Stability Program would either be implemented in the current collective agreement or integrated in the bargaining process starting August 31st, 2023.

What the JSJC Has Done So Far

The joint committee met for the first time on September 22nd, 2021. Since then, the joint committee has been meeting regularly in order to establish joint principles and review data which will inform the development of an equitable and comprehensive new job stability program for Unit 2 members. This process has taken several months.

In addition to the joint committee, the union-side representatives have been working to liaise with mediator Albertyn, facilitate productive exchanges with the employer, and move the process forward. There was also a townhall for Unit 2 members held on March 4th, in which Unit 2 members provided input and feedback. Getting more of this feedback is essential to the work the committee is doing; we need to hear from you!

While the overall process has been slower than we might have desired, your union representatives on the JSJC are committed to developing meaningful programs to increase stability for all Unit 2 members.

What’s Next for the JSJC

As we approach the part of the process that includes negotiating specific language of a new program, your 3903 representatives on the JSJC want to hear from you. Consequently, we will be engaging in the following:

  • The committee commits to regular website and newsletter updates on the progress of the joint committee with the employer.
  • We ask you to please fill out this Job Stability Survey in order to orient the work of the JSJC.
  • Look out for the announcement of an important Unit 2 job stability townhall, coming in June! Attend (virtually) this meeting in order to hear the latest updates on what has been accomplished by the joint committee, speak to your union reps on the committee, and help shape the final recommendation of the committee.