Nomination Open on Various Committees

Nominations have reopened on the following committees:

1. Advisory Committee on Race/Ethnic relations (2 vacancies)
2. Bargaining Research Preparatory Committee (1 vacancy)
3. Communications Committee (1 vacancy)
4. CUPE Toronto District Council (5 vacancies)
5. CSEU Committee (1 Vacancy)
6. Distribution Committee (6 vacancies)
7. Joint Health and Safety Committee Reps (12 vacancies)
8.  International Graduate Students’ Committee (2 vacancies)
9. Labour Management Committee, Units 1-3 (1 vacancy, unit 3 only)
10. Toronto York Region Labour Council Representatives (4 vacancies available)

Interested members should email Ali Gholami, VP Unit 1, to nominate themselves or for more information.

Any committees with more nominees than positions open will be voted on at the upcoming General Membership Meeting (GMM). Otherwise, nominees will be acclaimed to their position.

Nominees will be notified if their candidacy will be voted on at the GMM and are then welcome to send a short written candidate statement (max. 150 words) for inclusion in the AGM package.

For further details on the work of each committee and honorarium payment attached to their work, please see here.