CUPE 3903 Offer Remains on the Table

The offer that CUPE 3903 made to the York University administration remains on the table until Friday June 8 at 11:59 pm.

This proposal includes the following.

All Units

  • Wage proposal at 2.1%/2.2%/2.3% per year
  • Remediation floor at 85%
  • Return-to-work protocol including protections from reprisals for all members of the York Community engaged in political dissent, similar to the language in previous protocols
  • Sexual Violence Survivor’s Fund funded for two years, under TFAC control

Unit 1

  • Two-year funding extension for Ontario Human Rights Code grounds for Unit 1 members
  • Amount to be protected from clawbacks at $5403 (essentially protecting the fellowship amount)

Unit 2

  • Non-monetary improvements to the Continuing Sessional Standing Program

Unit 3

  • A benefits surcharge of 31% for Principle Investigators (PIs) who hire Graduate Assistants (it used to be 15% — now it is 80%)
  • Matched funds to contribute to offsetting the cost of Summer Assistance and Graduate Financial Assistance for PIs (again, these used to be covered by the university, but are now applied to the research budgets or individual faculty members who wish to hire GAs).

The union agreed to send every other proposal to arbitration, including the Conversions program, the Long Service Teaching Appointments (LSTAs), the Special Renewable Contracts (SRCs), qualifications language for Unit 2, the Racial Discrimination Fund, and job opportunities for full-time Master’s students. All Unfair Labour Practice cases would also be dropped, including the one in which it was uncovered that a York employee had purchased to redirect to the employer’s website, using the Faculty of Graduate Studies as the billing address for the purchase.

This offer remains on the table. It presents an opportunity to reach an agreement, send most outstanding issues to arbitration, and end the strike for all three units.