Picket Line Childcare

We are planning child care on the picket lines because we want to include parent members who would like to do picket work but do not have a formal child care arrangement. The Lee Wiggins Child Care Centre offers some part-time spots, but for many members, it is not convenient or desirable to go into campus to use a paid service to facilitate picketing.

While we recognize that some members might be concerned about shade and amenities, we would like to suggest the benefits of an outdoor experience for children. The Main Gate has a number of shady trees under which to play and relax, and there will also be a tent to supply shade. There is a functioning port-a-potty on-site for adults, but for small children, we recognize that this might be difficult. In such cases, we would take children to the bathrooms in Schulich or at the Tim Horton’s across the road. Some members who are parents have indicated on the survey that they can assist with child care. While we are not able to provide ECE certificates from our child care providers, some members have stepped forward as keen to help out with this initiative.

We want to be clear in explaining that this plan is meant to be a CUPE member support to parents who would like to participate in engagement with the strike and earn picket pay, but is not meant to be a full time pre-school or camp program. If members would like to use the service they do so with the understanding that they are likely to be on site at the picket line or doing work at HQ; in either case, they are nearby and available to their children if needed.

The email address cupecaresforkids@gmail.com has been set up to communicate with members who wish to donate their time or toys/board games for the initiative, as well as those who would like to use the service. For those willing to help, please include in what capacity you can help and at what times. If you can donate something, please let us know what.

For those members who want to benefit from the child care service, please include the following information in your email:

  • Children’s names
  • Number of children
  • Ages of children
  • Usual picketing location/times
  • Any allergies/food sensitivities/restrictions
  • Any medications
  • Any special needs
  • Any other concerns

We will be in touch with you soon.

In solidarity,

CUPE Childcare Committee