Chief Steward Unit 3, Unit 3 BT, and BT RecSec Nomination Results

The nomination period for the positions of Chief Steward Unit 3, Unit 3 Bargaining Team, and Bargaining Team Recording Secretary closed at 5 pm on Monday, April 17. The Unit 3 BT and Chief Steward Unit 3 positions are acclaimed — congratulations to the newest members of our executive and bargaining team!

Bargaining Team Recording Secretary is contested. Candidate statements will be posted as they become available. The campaigning phase of the elections will end on May 2, where voting will open at a GMM. Caught between violating the elections timeline or the bylaw demanding monthly GMMs, the executive committee decided to hold the April GMM on May 2 to conserve the integrity of our electoral process.

The results of the nomination for these three position are as follows:

Chief Steward Unit 3

  • Sandra Noel — acclaimed

Unit 3 Bargaining Team

  • Mariful Alam — acclaimed

Bargaining Team Recording Secretary

  • Gizem Çakmak
  • Sabina Mirza