Nominate Yourself for Elections Officers and Other Vacancies

Following a recent bylaw amendment, the election of the Elections Officers (EOs) must take place at the April GMM. Due to scheduling restrictions around elections, this GMM will actually take place on May 2 (just think of it as April 32!). There are a number of other committee vacancies that should also be filled at this GMM.

If you would like to nominate yourself for EO or any other committee vacancy, please email Hossein at by 5 pm, Monday May 1. The full list of vacancies is available below.

Accessibility Committee (3 vacancies)

The Accessibility Committee was organized in 2005 to improve the Union’s work on accessibility issues at York University and to ensure that Union spaces and meetings are accessible. Four members are elected for a one-year term. Honorarium: $250 per year per member.

Advisory Committee on Race/Ethnic Relations, Discrimination and/or Harassment (2 vacancies)

The mandate of this joint-committee of CUPE 3903 and York University is to discuss and investigate systemic and/or individual discrimination, interference, restriction, harassment or coercion exercised or practiced with respect to any union member in her employment relationship, by reason of race, colour, nationality, ancestry, place of origin or native language. The committee works closely with the Anti-Racism Working Group and may also make recommendations to the Labour-Management Committee. The committee is elected for a one-year term and consists of at least two CUPE 3903 representatives from any unit, one of which will be the joint-chair. Honorarium: $250 per year per member.

Bilingualism Committee (2 vacancies)

The Bilingualism Committee is composed of two members from any unit.The committee is responsible for assessing and responding to the needs of the local in terms of translation and French language content and promoting outreach and inclusion for our francophone members. It also coordinates translation of important documents and resources as well as any other translation projects that may arise. This committee meets with the communications officer at least once a month and coordinates with the Communications committee.The Bilingualism Committee is elected for a one term. Honorarium: $500 per year.

CUPE Toronto District Council (4 vacancies)

The CUPE Toronto District Council is comprised of all affiliated CUPE locals in Toronto. It meets once per month.  CUPE 3903 is entitled to seven delegates who serve a one-year term. Honorarium: $250 per year per member.

Distribution Committee (3 vacancies)

This committee consists of 6 members and is responsible for distributing materials to departmental mailboxes and putting up posters at a $50 per diem, with the normal workload being 1 day per month. Members are elected for a one-year term.

Election Officers (2 vacancies)

The role of the Chief Electoral Officers is to organize the elections as per the bylaws. Most of the work is around the annual election that occurs between late January and early March, but they are also responsible for any by-elections that may be held during the year. The work includes accepting the nominations, arranging for members to scrutineer, arranging and setting up tables for voting, and alongside the executive, communicating the details of the elections to the membership. While there is usually very little work, members interested in this position should expect to commit a significant chunk of time in late February and in early March. Current members of the executive are ineligible for these positions. Additionally, election officers may not run for executive positions in the election for which they serve. Honorarium: $750 per year per position, plus and additional $150 per by-election.

Employment Equity Committee (3 vacancies)

Having access to census material and money to solicit an Employment Equity survey, the committee’s mandate includes setting goals and timetables for the elimination of discriminatory practices and systemic barriers to equal opportunity. Issues to be addressed include recruitment of employees, selection procedures, job postings, employer training, salaries and benefits, and working conditions. The committee will consist of three union representatives, one of which will be the Joint Chair. Preference will be given to members from each of the designated groups. Honorarium: $250 per member per year.

Health & Safety Committee (2 vacancies)

The Health and Safety Committee has six representatives.  They act as advocates for members on all health and safety matters, investigate accidents and work stoppages involving our members, inspect the entire workplace annually, meet with management every two months to discuss all of the above, and make sure everything is followed up. Honorarium: there is no direct honorarium, although the employer sets aside money annually to pay committee members an hourly wage for work done, paid at the marker/grader rate.

Labour-Management Committee (3 vacancies — Units 2, 3 & 4)

The Labour-Management Committee consists of one representative from each Unit. This committee meets with management about once a month and is charged with facilitating the implementation and interpretation of the Collective Agreements. Honorarium:  $750 per position per year.

Professional Development Fund Committee (1 vacancy)

This Committee has three elected representatives: the PDF Coordinator, and two PDF Representatives. The vacancy is for PDF Representative. The purpose of each meeting is to adjudicate the distribution of PDF funds, the Teaching Development Fund, and the Tuition Costs Fund. Honorarium: $200, paid out as $50 per meeting.

Research Costs Fund Committee (1 vacancy)

The Research Costs Fund Committee consists of two representatives. This committee is coordinated through FGS and meets twice a year for about 4 hours each time. Before each meeting the members read the applications (about 3 hours) and decide how to break down awards for the fund. This committee adjudicates the Research Costs Fund – open to all full-time graduate students who have been or are currently members of Unit 1. Honorarium: $250 per member per year.

Research Grants Fund and Travel Costs Fund Committee (1 vacancy)

The Research Grants Fund and Travel Costs Fund Committee consists of two members from Unit 2.  This committee, working with YUFA, decides on allocation of the major and minor research grants, and on travel grants. There are 3 or 4 meetings per year. Most of the time requirement is in preparation for the meetings, since the files can be quite lengthy. Members of the committee are ineligible to apply for funds. The representative is elected for a one-year term. Honorarium: $500 per position per year.

Stewards’ Council Listserv Moderators (1 vacancy)

Moderators must read all posts to the listserv at least once a day and enforce the Listserv Guidelines (Appendix F of the CUPE 3903 Bylaws). Honorarium: $500 per member per year.

Toronto & York Region Labour Council (10 vacancies)

The Labour Council is comprised of all affiliated locals across the labour movement in the Toronto and York region. It meets once per month.  CUPE 3903 is entitled to 12 delegates elected for a one-year term. Honorarium: $250.

Unit 2 Listserv Moderators (1 vacancy)

Moderators must read all posts to the listserv at least once a day and enforce the Listserv Guidelines (Appendix F of the CUPE 3903 Bylaws). Honorarium: $500 per member per year.

Ways and Means Committee (2 vacancies)

This committee meets as often as is required to assess applications to the Ways and Means Fund and to disburse funds.  Three members are elected for a one-year term at the September General Membership Meeting. Honorarium: $1000 per member per year.