Summer Funding: What Members Should Expect on August 25

A sign post with the word "funding" on it.

Following the grievance on incorrect pay which was filed on July 9, the employer acknowledged the extent of its error and will pay all members what they are owed by the end of the summer. So what does this mean concretely? See the breakdown by unit below.

Unit 1

On July 25, members in Unit 1 receiving the minimum guarantee received half of the amount they were still owed. This means that on August 25, members in Unit 1 will receive the same amount that they received on July 25. Furthermore, all payments put together – May 25, June 10, June 25, July 25, and August 25 – must be equal to $5125. This amount does not include the Graduate Financial Assistance (GFA).

Unit 3

The situation for Unit 3 members is more complicated. To figure out how much you will be getting on August 25, you need to know the amount you were paid on June 10.

June 10 August 25
$939.50 $76
$734.28 $79
$639.50 $376
$434.28 $379
$234.28 $79

If your June 10 amount is not listed above, you will receive a slightly different amount. In most cases this amount will be approximately $75 for a half GA and $150 for a full GA. Members in year 2 will receive an additional $300. 

If you believe that you are still underpaid, please contact our staff as soon as possible.

While the employer has acknowledged their error, they continue to resist compensating members for the hardships they have caused. We continue to push for adequate recompense, and to make sure that an lack of pay of this magnitude never happens again.