Pay Errors Will Be Rectified

A homemade sign reading "Undergrads against exploitation of academic workers"

A homemade sign reading “Undergrads against exploitation of academic workers”

After numerous information requests and meetings, the employer has finally acknowledged the extent of the underpayment to our members. Tomorrow, U1 members on minimum guarantee should receive pay to compensate for the clawbacks from May and June. Members will get equal payments on July and Aug 25 to bring them up to the minimum guarantee amount of $5125 by the end of the summer. We’ve also now confirmed that most U3 members who have summer RAships will be getting an additional payment of approximately $75-80 in August, with some receiving much more, to compensate them for the University’s clawback of wage gains.

While we’ve been told that members will be made whole by Aug 25, that still means that the majority of our U1 and U3 members have spent the summer underpaid and we’re still waiting on answers around some outstanding pay issues. This ordeal has caused members tremendous hardship and the Union remains adamant that the employer must compensate members and the union for the late payments.

While it’s a fight that we shouldn’t have had to wage, it’s spoken to members’ awareness of our CAs and to the strength of our union. Many thanks to all the members who raised issues and provided information on your pay, and to those who attended meetings and actions, it’s thanks to you that the we’ve been able to correct these issues.

Next win: our international offset grievance!