August 27 GMM: Tentative Agenda

A CUPE 3903 flag flies in the wind.

A CUPE 3903 flag flies in the wind.

General Membership Meeting
Thursday August 27
1:00 pm – 4:00pm
0006 TEL building

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Tentative Agenda:

1. Roll call of officers and Oath of Office (5 mins)
2. Reading of the Equality Statement (3 mins)
3. Reading of the Mississauga Land Acknowledgement (2 mins)
4. Approval of Agenda (5 mins)
5. Reading and Approval of Minutes (15 mins)
 a. GMM June 22
 b. AGM April 22
6. Matters arising (5 mins)
 a. Notice of Motion for Donation to Thorncliffe Reach out Teach-in
 b. Notice of Motion for Donation to Lift’s Conscious Minds Day camp
 c. Notice of By-law change for a Social Space Working group
 d. Notice of By-law change for a childcare fund committee
7. Secretary-Treasurer’s Report (15 mins)
8. Nominations, elections, or installations (20 mins)
 a. Opening elections for Vice President Unit Three
 b. Elections of committees – accessibility, archive, distribution
 c. Elections of additional delegates to CUPE National Convention
9. Unfinished business (90 mins)
 a. Donation request to Regenesis
 b. Donation request to Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
 c. Donation request to American Holocaust
 d. By-law changes:
  - Communications Committee
  - Evoting Working Group
  - Free School Working group
10. Reports of Committees and delegates (15 mins)
 a. Stewards Council
 b. TFAC
 c. CUPE Ontario Convention
 d. CGEU
 e. Communications Committee Lecture Event
11. Executive Reports (10 mins)
12. Good of the Union
13. Adjournment

Please contact Sheila Wilmot at or at 416-736-5154 ext. 3 if you require any of the following: ASL interpretation, reimbursement for childcare/caregiver/attendant care, and/or transportation costs for members who are unable to secure Wheel-Trans, or other requests for accommodation.