Nominations for Vice-President Unit 3 Are Now Open!

The CUPE 3903 red-star logo

The CUPE 3903 red-star logo

On July 8, the resignation of the Vice-President Unit 3 was announced. On July 22, the position was temporarily filled on a pro-tem basis. By-elections to permanently fill the position for the 2015-16 term have now begun.

Nominations will close on September 15. If the position is contested, a campaigning period of two weeks will follow. Balloting will begin at the September 29 GMM and continue for a week.

Nomination forms are available in the CUPE 3903 office, 143 Atkinson.

All members of Unit 3 in good standing may be nominated. In order to be nominated, members must:

  • Clearly sign and date their nomination form
  • Have it signed and dated by two other members in good standing
  • Deposit it into the nomination box at the CUPE 3903 office before Tuesday, June 9 at 5:00 p.m.
  • Clearly sign and date the nomination register in front of the nomination box

For more information, please contact the Election Officers at

The nomination and election of Executive Committee members is governed by the bylaws of CUPE 3903, available here.


CUPE 3903 Demands Appropriate Compensation for Incorrect Summer Pay

A silhouette of raised hands and placards against the sun.

A silhouette of raised hands and placards against the sun.

Following up on the pay discrepancy grievance that was filed by the union on July 9th, CUPE 3903 executive and staff members met with representatives from Faculty Relations on August 25th to discuss the further steps the Union expects from the Employer. The Union repeated its demands stated in the grievance and asked the Employer to take serious steps towards compensating the hardships that our members have been made to endure, and the time and energy that the Executive and staff members have devoted to sorting these out. Barry Miller, Executive Director of Faculty Relations, stated that the Union would receive the Employer’s reply to our grievance by Monday, August 31st .

The last payment on August 25th should have made every member whole. This means that everyone should have received the totality of what they were owed this summer. Members may need to go back, check their payment amounts (May 25, June 10, June 25, July 25 and August 25), and calculate the total of their payments to ensure that FGS delivered what it promised. If you suspect that there is still a discrepancy in your pay, please contact or If you are unsure about what the total amount of your payment should be, you could check the breakdown of summer payments by unit here.

A thorough analysis of the pay discrepancy reveals that York has failed to deliver almost $650,000 over the course of the summer. We owe many thanks to our members who have stayed alert to the Employer’s attempts to claw back income and helped their union representatives to fight these attacks. However, the fight is not yet over. It is clear to everyone that the amount York held back from our members is enormous. CUPE 3903 is determined to not let this go and make an example of this pay fiasco so that it will never happen again. Now, following the spirit of our successful strike, we have to show the Employer how serious we are about protecting our hard earned rights and gains. It is time to start organizing and show the strength of our union even more clearly.

August 27 GMM: Tentative Agenda

A CUPE 3903 flag flies in the wind.

A CUPE 3903 flag flies in the wind.

General Membership Meeting
Thursday August 27
1:00 pm – 4:00pm
0006 TEL building

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Tentative Agenda:

1. Roll call of officers and Oath of Office (5 mins)
2. Reading of the Equality Statement (3 mins)
3. Reading of the Mississauga Land Acknowledgement (2 mins)
4. Approval of Agenda (5 mins)
5. Reading and Approval of Minutes (15 mins)
 a. GMM June 22
 b. AGM April 22
6. Matters arising (5 mins)
 a. Notice of Motion for Donation to Thorncliffe Reach out Teach-in
 b. Notice of Motion for Donation to Lift’s Conscious Minds Day camp
 c. Notice of By-law change for a Social Space Working group
 d. Notice of By-law change for a childcare fund committee
7. Secretary-Treasurer’s Report (15 mins)
8. Nominations, elections, or installations (20 mins)
 a. Opening elections for Vice President Unit Three
 b. Elections of committees – accessibility, archive, distribution
 c. Elections of additional delegates to CUPE National Convention
9. Unfinished business (90 mins)
 a. Donation request to Regenesis
 b. Donation request to Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
 c. Donation request to American Holocaust
 d. By-law changes:
  - Communications Committee
  - Evoting Working Group
  - Free School Working group
10. Reports of Committees and delegates (15 mins)
 a. Stewards Council
 b. TFAC
 c. CUPE Ontario Convention
 d. CGEU
 e. Communications Committee Lecture Event
11. Executive Reports (10 mins)
12. Good of the Union
13. Adjournment

Please contact Sheila Wilmot at or at 416-736-5154 ext. 3 if you require any of the following: ASL interpretation, reimbursement for childcare/caregiver/attendant care, and/or transportation costs for members who are unable to secure Wheel-Trans, or other requests for accommodation.

Summer Funding: What Members Should Expect on August 25

A sign post with the word "funding" on it.

Following the grievance on incorrect pay which was filed on July 9, the employer acknowledged the extent of its error and will pay all members what they are owed by the end of the summer. So what does this mean concretely? See the breakdown by unit below.

Unit 1

On July 25, members in Unit 1 receiving the minimum guarantee received half of the amount they were still owed. This means that on August 25, members in Unit 1 will receive the same amount that they received on July 25. Furthermore, all payments put together – May 25, June 10, June 25, July 25, and August 25 – must be equal to $5125. This amount does not include the Graduate Financial Assistance (GFA).

Unit 3

The situation for Unit 3 members is more complicated. To figure out how much you will be getting on August 25, you need to know the amount you were paid on June 10.

June 10 August 25
$939.50 $76
$734.28 $79
$639.50 $376
$434.28 $379
$234.28 $79

If your June 10 amount is not listed above, you will receive a slightly different amount. In most cases this amount will be approximately $75 for a half GA and $150 for a full GA. Members in year 2 will receive an additional $300. 

If you believe that you are still underpaid, please contact our staff as soon as possible.

While the employer has acknowledged their error, they continue to resist compensating members for the hardships they have caused. We continue to push for adequate recompense, and to make sure that an lack of pay of this magnitude never happens again.

Committee Vacancies

The CUPE 3903 red-star logo

The CUPE 3903 red-star logo

Three committees currently have one vacancy each: the Accessibility Committee, the Archive Committee, and the Distribution Committee. More information on each of these committees can be found below. The vacancies will be filled at the August 27 General Membership Meeting.

You do not need to be present at the GMM to nominate yourself for these positions. Nominations should be sent to You may include a statement of no more than 100 words if you cannot attend the GMM.

The Accessibility Committee was organized in the spring of 2005 to improve the union’s work around accessibility issues on campus and to ensure that union spaces and meetings are accessible. Four members are elected for a one-year term. Honorarium: $250 per year, per position.

The Archive Committee keeps the 3903 Archives, which are necessary for the preservation of institutional memory. Curators are responsible for creating and subsequently maintaining an archival fonds for the local; encouraging members to look for and donate their sources to the 3903 collection; transmitting sources to the 3903 collection; organising at least one annual event on any given 3903/archive-related topic; acquainting themselves with the collection’s index and informing members and non-members on the available documents and their degree of accessibility; officiating as go-betweens for members wishing to talk to an archivist; and issuing calls for testimonies.  The CUPE 3903 Archive Curators are elected for a one-year term. Honorarium: $750 per year, per position.

The Distribution Committee is responsible for distributing monthly newsletters to departmental mailboxes and put up posters at a $50 per diem, with the normal workload being 1 day per month.  The committee meets with the Communications Committee at least once per month. Members are elected for a one-year term.

More information on all of the local’s committees can be found on the committees page.

And the CUPE 3903 Campaign Survey Draw Winner is…

The lucky winner of the iPad draw poses with her prize.

The lucky winner of the iPad draw poses with her prize.

As part of the #betteryork campaign found on our award-winning website, we conducted a survey to find out what students know about CUPE 3903 and our bargaining issues. Each completed survey was entered into a draw and we are pleased to announce that Jessica, an undergraduate student in the Health and Society Program, is the lucky winner of an iPad Air.

“A Better York is Possible” was a mixed-media campaign conceived to build sympathy and support within the broader York University community. It also served as means to communicate to the community who we are, how our proposals would improve the quality of education, the collective bargaining process, why we went on strike, and how students can help.

We are grateful for the continuing support of the university community, especially undergraduate students. By recognizing that your learning conditions are our working conditions, a better York is possible.


CUPE 3903 Condemns Exclusion of Unit 2 Members from Glendon English Departmental Meetings

Glendon campus, York University

Glendon campus, York University

On June 26, the English Department at Glendon passed a motion to exclude Unit 2 members from voting “in Departmental meetings in matters of governance and curricular planning.”

This motion was passed at a summer meeting to which most Unit 2 members of the department were not invited. This is extremely problematic.

Furthermore, this motion is contrary to the language and spirit of article 15.10.03 of the Unit 2 collective agreement which outlines the right of CUPE 3903 members to participate and vote at meetings of the departments in which they are employed. It is the duty of the Employer to recommend and use their best efforts to persuade departments that CUPE 3903 members have the right to participate and vote in departmental meetings.

This motion, passed by the English Department at Glendon, broadly excludes CUPE 3903 members from participation in the department. The CUPE 3903 Executive strongly condemns this motion and the process by which it was passed.

Clearly, this is an issue of respect for CUPE 3903 members. CUPE 3903 members are vital members of the York community both through our teaching and our research. Our contributions to our departments should be recognized, respected and appreciated, not least through our collegial participation in departmental council meetings.

This specific motion in one department raises the broader issue of our members’ participation in departmental council meetings. Clearly, our participation rights in the Unit 1 and 2 collective agreements should be strengthened and extended to Unit 3. These should be issues for our next round of collective bargaining in 2017.

If you have comments or concerns about your participation in (or exclusion from) your own departmental council meetings, please contact Murray Cooke, Chief Steward Unit 2,

Conversion and LSTA Appointments

The CUPE 3903 red-star logo

The CUPE 3903 red-star logo

In the last round of bargaining, we won increased conversions and Long Service Teaching Appointments (LSTAs). There are 8 conversions (2 Professorial Stream and 6 to the Alternate Stream) and 7 LSTAs this year.

There were 53 applications for conversions and 29 applications to the LSTA program. Clearly, members have shown a lot of interest in both programs; pushing to extend them in the next round of bargaining should be a priority.

We would like to congratulate the members who have received these appointments (the list only includes those who consented to be named):

Conversion Appointments

Professorial Stream
Bruce Connell, Multidisciplinary Studies, Glendon

Alternate Stream
Sylvie Defend, Theatre, AMPD
Kerry Doyle, Writing, LA&PS
Jill Lazenby, STS/NATS/, Science
Vera Pavri, Natural Science, Science
Audrey Pyee, History, Glendon
Jon Sufrin, Writing, LA&PS

Long Service Teaching Appointments

Julie Allen, Philosophy, LA&PS
Fernanda Carra-Salsberg, DLLL, LA&PS
Alistair Mapp, Psychology, Health
Brenda McComb, DLLL, LA&PS
Tony Michael, Humanities, LA&PS
Iouldouz Raguimov, Math & Stats, Science

Should you have questions or complaints about these appointments or process thereof, contact Rob Lawson, Associate Director of Faculty Relations:

Pay Errors Will Be Rectified

A homemade sign reading "Undergrads against exploitation of academic workers"

A homemade sign reading “Undergrads against exploitation of academic workers”

After numerous information requests and meetings, the employer has finally acknowledged the extent of the underpayment to our members. Tomorrow, U1 members on minimum guarantee should receive pay to compensate for the clawbacks from May and June. Members will get equal payments on July and Aug 25 to bring them up to the minimum guarantee amount of $5125 by the end of the summer. We’ve also now confirmed that most U3 members who have summer RAships will be getting an additional payment of approximately $75-80 in August, with some receiving much more, to compensate them for the University’s clawback of wage gains.

While we’ve been told that members will be made whole by Aug 25, that still means that the majority of our U1 and U3 members have spent the summer underpaid and we’re still waiting on answers around some outstanding pay issues. This ordeal has caused members tremendous hardship and the Union remains adamant that the employer must compensate members and the union for the late payments.

While it’s a fight that we shouldn’t have had to wage, it’s spoken to members’ awareness of our CAs and to the strength of our union. Many thanks to all the members who raised issues and provided information on your pay, and to those who attended meetings and actions, it’s thanks to you that the we’ve been able to correct these issues.

Next win: our international offset grievance!

Executive Committee Vacancy Temporarily Filled

The CUPE 3903 red-star logo

The CUPE 3903 red-star logo

On July 8, the resignation of the Vice-President Unit 3 was announced. Due to the volume of work that needs to be completed during the summer and the difficulty in holding an election during this period, a decision was made to temporarily appoint (or pro tem) a VP Unit 3.

Article 14 V. (b) of the bylaws reads:

By a simple majority vote the executive may fill a vacancy on a pro tem basis with any member in good standing. Such vacancies must be posted in the union office at least two weeks prior to the executive meeting where the vacancy is to be filled. Executive positions filled on a pro tem basis must be advertised as open positions for the agenda of the next general membership meeting where nominations will be opened and elections held as per Section II. of the present article. Executive Committee members may only hold one (1) position on the Executive Committee.

Nominations were open for two weeks, from July 8 to July 22. Four candidates put their name forward. The vote was held at the July 22 Executive Committee meeting. The results of the vote are as follows:

  • Kami Chisholm: 6 votes
  • Daniel Smith: 0 votes
  • Mike Tod: 0 votes
  • Jeffrey Zavala: 1 vote

One member of the Executive Committee refused their ballot.

This process was undertaken to temporarily fill a vacancy on the Executive Committee. It is expected that the by-election to fill the position for the 2015-16 term will open at the September General Membership Meeting, with the exact dates to be determined by the Elections Officers.