April 19th 2024 Ratification Vote Results for Units 1, 2 & 3

April 19th 2024 Ratification Vote Results

On April 19th, 2024, almost 1,600 members of CUPE 3903 participated in the ratification vote of a tentative Comprehensive Framework for Settlement.

In brief, Unit 1 (89.9%), Unit 2 (93.8%), and Unit 3 (90.0%) voted in favour of accepting the tentative agreement. Thereby, all three units have ratified the Employer’s latest offer respectively, and work will resume on Monday, April 22nd.

This ratification brings with it some important gains, most notably:

  • We won retroactive pay (for both wages and GIA) despite an expired wage re-opener, and ensured eligibility for everyone who held a contract during the 2020-2023 collective agreement, regardless of current status, thus setting a new higher floor for future wage gains and fighting back the Employer’s push to restrict the eligibility!
  • In total, we negotiated over the six years of the Bill 124 period (2020–23) and the renewal collective agreement (2023–26),wage increases of 14.8% (or 17.8% including the previous 3% increases of the Bill 124 period). 
  • We achieved an 18% boost in Graduate Financial Assistance.
  • Many of the all-units proposals we achieved this round are wins for equity! Highlights include:
    • A NEW $25,000/year fund to support racialized members experiencing racial discrimination, harassment, and violence; this is a proposal we have fought for unsuccessfully in previous rounds of bargaining!
    • A NEW Mentoring Fund of $10,000/year to provide mentoring, professional development, and other supports among the units, especially for employment equity groups.
    • Three additional weeks (for a Fall-Winter contract, from 12 to 15) of paid parental leaves for non-pregnant parents and adoptive parents, as well as increased unpaid parental leave
    • An increase of $10,000 to the operating costs of each of the two on-campus childcare centres (from $50,000 to $60,000) and a 3% per year increase in the Childcare Fund for members
    • A commitment from the employer to have regular discussions with the union about the workplace accommodations process and policies
  • We fought hard and defeated the employers concessionary Job Stability Program, keeping the Long Service Teaching Appointments alive into the next collective agreement.
  • We negotiated a back-to-work protocol that ensures everyone receives an automatic 90% of their remaining pay for the Winter 2024 term, with the ability to get the last 10% depending on individual remediation plans and the amount of work to be completed

Every striking member should feel unbelievably proud of the commitment you have shown to your fellow members, and the determination we have shown as a collective in our fight for a better workplace and more just future. 

The strike was an incredible feat, and because of this action and the hard work of many, we were able to secure some truly meaningful wins that will immediately improve the lives of both students and workers. 

At this moment, we are more organized than ever and we will continue to work towards a more inclusive, equitable and affordable York University. This fight does not end today!

With deep appreciation and unwavering solidarity, I present to you the comprehensive results of the ratification vote.

Official results

Ballot question: 

“Do you accept the Employer’s April 14, 2024 “Comprehensive Framework for Settlement” for Unit [x]?”

Overall turnout: 

  • Total eligible voters: 2732
  • Total votes cast: 1572
  • Voter turnout: 57.5%

Unit 1 vote: 

  • Yes: 937 (89.9%)
  • No: 105 (10.1%)

Unit 1 turnout: 

  • Total eligible voters: 1916 
  • Total votes cast: 1042
  • Voter turnout: 54.4%

Unit 2 vote: 

  • Yes: 488 (93.8%)
  • No: 32 (6.2%)

Unit 2 turnout: 

  • Total eligible voters:  801
  • Total votes cast: 520 
  • Voter turnout: 64.9%

Unit 3 vote: 

  • Yes: 9 (90%)
  • No: 1 (10%)

Unit 3 turnout: 

  • Total eligible voters: 15
  • Total votes cast: 10 
  • Voter turnout: 66.7%

If there is any discrepancy between the numbers posted here and the numbers posted in the CUPE 3903 office, the latter shall prevail.