Bargaining Team Daily News, March 25, 2024

BT Daily News, March 25, 2024

Our Fight Continues

Even with some slight movement from the Employer, and a lot of hard work from the 3903 Bargaining Team, at the end of the day today the Mediators closed the door on further negotiations, indicating they do not anticipate calling us back to the table this week.

The day started with a response from the Employer to the Bargaining Team’s March 24 end-of-day pass. The comprehensive packages from the Employer showed some slight movement on wages (i.e., minimal increases of 1.25% over three years on retroactive wages), some movement on the grievance procedure, and for U2, the first sign that the Employer might be willing to take their version of the JSP off the table. The Employer has offered an ‘option B’ “status quo” proposal. As it stands, however, their “status quo” is completely concessionary, making no mention of past hard-won programs, which would effectively kill them.

Though the Employer’s response still falls short of an acceptable wage offer in the current cost-of-living crisis, it does represent the first movement we have seen on any of our priority areas since striking on February 26th. In response, the 3903 BT set to work examining the Employer’s offer and reviewing our Schedules 3 and 4 to determine our next pass, which we presented to the Mediators at 6:00 p.m. However, after many hours of dedicated deliberation, and the bargaining team making meaningful movement on monetary proposals other than wages, the Mediators insisted that both parties were too far apart. 

We are disappointed that the Mediators are refusing to invite the parties back to the table until further notice. We have demonstrated that we are serious about achieving a deal with our proposed schedules, we have made significant moves, and we remain open to bargaining further with the University, with or without the Mediators. 

Most of all, it is the strength and determination of our membership that motivates us further. Members on the picket lines are organizing and standing up for what we deserve: decent wages, job stability, and a more equitable university for all. We are building connections with other unions, holding rallies, and gaining power through education and solidarity.

The University has a lot on the line here, too, and we have the experience and collective power to continue our strong strike efforts, as we fight for higher quality learning and work experience for students and educators alike. With the membership alongside us, the bargaining team is taking stock and will be discussing strategy tomorrow; in Tuesday’s meeting and at Wednesday’s SGMM, we look forward to planning our next steps to get back to the table and get a fair collective agreement for our members. Some things are worth fighting for.

Strike to win!

Upcoming events

Bargaining Team meeting – March 26, 4:00–6:00 p.m. 

Bargaining Meetings with the Employer (To Be Determined)