Ministry Starts Lockout Countdown for Employer

On June 9, 2021, the Employer requested a No Board Report to move towards a legal lockout position. Today, on June 18th, we received notice that the Ministry has issued the No Board Report, starting the 17-day cooling off period. This means the Employer can lock out our members as of July 5th.

As previously stated, the Union is disappointed to see the Employer make this aggressive move, instead of remaining committed to reaching a negotiated agreement for all units. This step by the Employer also undermines the progress that was being made at the table, and casts doubt on their previously stated commitment to improve employment equity at York University. Further, the Employer has been unresponsive to the Union’s monetary proposals, and has left key pieces of bargaining unaddressed while moving towards a lockout. This again shows that the so-called impasse is put in place by the Employer, and could be addressed if they genuinely engaged with the Union’s proposals.

The Bargaining Team remains committed and eager to continue bargaining and hopes that the Employer will engage with the Union’s proposals in a meaningful way to reach a settlement during the cooling off period. Given the Employer’s threats, it is even more important for us to have a strong strike mandate vote to show the Employer we are serious, and thereby avoid a lock out.

Join us for the next two Special General Membership Meetings to Discuss the Strike Mandate Vote
All members are strongly encouraged to attend the following two SGMMs, dedicated to discussing the latest developments in bargaining as well as the Strike Mandate Vote.

Wednesday June 23rd, 12pm-3pm
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Monday, July 5th, 12pm-3pm
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