Report Back – Bargaining Team Meeting on December 15th (2pm)

The Bargaining Team met on December 15th. The December 14th meeting with the Employer was briefly reviewed. Report-back from the December 14 meeting can be viewed here.

Next, a concise discussion on wages, benefits, and funds took place. The BT also discussed the implications of Bill 124 on our monetary proposals.

There was then a brief discussion of the need for a definition of intersectionality, as a clause in the collective agreements. Having received feedback from TFAC, the BT explored whether such a clause would be truly enforceable, or if a better strategy would be to have intersectionality be reflected in proposals concretely.

The BT also discussed the ideas brought up by the Affordable Housing Committee for potential bargaining proposals, as well as the feasibility of taking up this issue in this round of bargaining, given the restrictions imposed by Bill 124 on monetary demands. The BT decided to get legal advice to determine how this issue can be tackled within the context of collective bargaining–if not now, perhaps in a future round of bargaining.

In regards to the next bargaining meeting with the Employer on December 17th, the BT discussed meeting logistics such as chairing, reading of the land acknowledgement, agenda, etc. The BT requested that the Employer prepare the agenda for this meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:55pm.

Next Meetings

All Bargaining Team meetings are open to members. The Bargaining Team would like to encourage all members to attend the numerous meetings we have scheduled for December.

December 17, 1:00pm – Bargaining Meeting with the Employer
December 18, 11:00am – Bargaining Team Meeting
December 22, 11:00am – Bargaining Meeting with the Employer

Please register in advance to attend bargaining meetings with the Employer here.
The Zoom link for the bargaining team meeting can be found here.