Self-Care Workshops in Support of Trans Day of Remembrance

Are you someone who can lead a self-care workshop?

The Trans Feminist Action Caucus Group is looking for facilitators to organize and lead a workshop on self-care on the week of November 23rd 2020, following Trans Day of Remembrance (TDOR) (Nov. 20)

What do we mean by self-care?
Self-care: what we do or don’t do to take care of our physical, emotional, & mental well-being. Acknowledging our greatest harms are structural: capitalism, white supremacy, colonialism, & disablism.

Facilitators must use an anti-oppressive framework that centers community support and interdependent care In celebration of TDOR, we will prioritize trans facilitators and workshops catering to the specific challenges to self-care that trans people experience.

Self-care workshops can include but are not limited to:
bodily and spiritual activities (meditation, exercise)
entertainment (eg. comedy, board games)
skill-sharing (eg. knitting, singing, origami)

How will the workshops be delivered?
To respect physical distancing guidelines, will be delivered remotely via zoom. Facilitator will be provided zoom access.
Workshops should be 60 to 90 minutes long

Honorarium of $250 for developing and leading the workshop.
E-transfer will be arranged upon completion
Please send your workshop idea and short bio by November 6 to