Notice – First Bargaining Meeting with the Employer on October 30th (2–5pm)

On October 30, the Bargaining Team will meet with the Employer for the first time to discuss bargaining content. The Employer had indicated that they would like to discuss equity and job security, but has not provided further details. The Bargaining Team will be discussing scheduling logistics and other relevant process questions with respect to expedited bargaining.

The meeting with the Employer will be held online on Zoom, between 2-5pm. The Bargaining Team will be meeting at 10am-1pm, prior to the meeting with the Employer. Please come to the bargaining meeting and show support for the Bargaining Team! Members’ presence shows the Employer that we take bargaining seriously.

CUPE 3903 operates under the principle of open bargaining. This means that all members are encouraged to attend any and all bargaining meetings to observe, pass notes to the Bargaining Team, and participate in Bargaining Team caucuses. In order to ensure meeting security, the Zoom link to the meeting will be provided once members register for the meeting.

To register, please use this registration link.

For more information, visit the Bargaining tab. The Bargaining Team can be reached at