Units 1, 2 and 3 LMC Report (Meeting of May 21st)

On Tuesday, May 21st, the union’s Labour-Management Committee met with the employer to discuss a full agenda of issues for Units 1, 2, and 3.

Many of the items that have been on recent agendas were returned to and updates requested. Since our last LMC meeting in April, little progress has been made on PER reporting for Unit 2, putting Work Histories online, making T2200 more accessible for members, and the Joint Committee on Childcare at Glendon. We also continue to wait for responses from EO’s and Associate Deans regarding the new issues we introduced last month regarding regular updating of office computers, office keys, and ensuring Unit 2 representation at department meetings.

The following issues have been resolved:

  • The employer has agreed that the 6% vacation pay must go to all members who have 5 years of cumulative (not consecutive) service (true for Unit 1 and Unit 2). There will be an off-pay cycle in late-May or early-June for members who have been added to the amended list.
  • The employer confirmed that all Research Grant and Travel Grant funds before the 2018 strike have now been adjudicated.  Travel Fund Grants submitted for the March 2019 deadline have also been adjudicated and the funds distributed.  The CSSP Guarantee Payout Report should be forthcoming in the next few weeks.
  • New revised GA protocol should be sent to us this week.

In addition to the Unit 2 and all-unit issues discussed above, unresolved issues include:

  • The new Article 11 in Unit 1 CA is still being discussed.  The Employer maintains that Article 11, an article that alters how graduate student funding is distributed, has been awarded to the Employer by Arbitrator Hayes, but the article is not mentioned in Hayes’ award. The union will consult counsel and seek clarification from Arbitrator Hayes.We are still waiting for the status of the UHIP fund and application.
  • Whether any SRC’s will be appointed in August/September 2019. If none are appointed for the fall, 18 will need to be appointed by August 2020. We are now waiting for YUFA to ratify the SRC language.

New items which were introduced at this meeting included:

  • We’ve initiated a discussion about dropping the requirement of an external reference letter for Unit 2 Research Leave applications.
  • We reminded the employer that reference letters are not required for LSTA applications or renewals under the terms of the Unit 2 CA.

Due to scheduling conflicts over the summer, the next LMC meeting will be in late September, date and time TBA. In the meantime if you have an issue that needs to be addressed, you should contact your Chief Steward. If you have a question or an issue that should go directly to the LMC representatives, LMC now has a dedicated email address – cupe3903lmc@gmail.com