Was your LSTA not renewed? Let’s make sure York is playing by the rules!

Several Unit 2 members with LSTAs have been notified that their LSTAs will not be renewed. It looks like a very sharp increase in non-renewals. York is using a clause in the Collective Agreement that ties LSTA appointments to “departmental need” to deny our members renewal. If you had an LSTA that will not be renewed we are asking for your help to push back, and collect data on this startling rise in non-renewals.

Please contact Mike Palamarek (Chief Steward Unit 2), Vanessa Lehan-Streisel (VP Unit 2) or Julian Arend (Grievance Officer) with your department (where the LSTA was held), any explanation you’ve been given for the non-renewal, and any other information you may think is pertinent. We may be able to file individual grievances in cases where departments are clearly making efforts to exclude people. Please reach out to us!

We also want to raise the scope of this issue at the next LMC meeting and demand detailed justifications from departments. To do this well we need data. Even if you don’t think your case can be grieved, we need this information to hold York accountable.