Nominate Yourself for Interim Elections Officer

The general elections will have to be held soon after the strike ends. This means that the two Elections Officers positions need to be filled, as there is one vacancy and the other EO will be out of town for the rest of the summer.

Nominations are now open, and the positions will be filled on a pro tem basis at the Friday August 3 Executive Committee meeting. Elections Officers come up for yearly re-election at the GMM immediately following the conclusion of the general elections. Therefore, this nomination period would be to supervise the general elections only.

To nominate yourself for the position, email Dan O’Hara at by 5 pm on Thursday, August 2. A description of the position is below.

Election Officers

The role of the Chief Electoral Officers is to organize the elections as per the bylaws.  The work includes accepting the nominations, arranging for members to scrutineer, arranging and setting up tables for voting, and alongside the executive, communicating the details of the elections to the membership. Current members of the executive are ineligible for these positions. Additionally, election officers may not run for executive positions in the election for which they serve.
Honorarium: $750 per year