Executive Committee Nominations

Nominations for the 2016-17 Executive Committee elections closed at 5pm on February 22. A unofficial list of candidates and campaigning guidelines are below. This list is unofficial pending the verification of candidates against the most recent membership list.

Candidate statements for the contested positions will be posted on the evening of February 25.

Nominated Candidates


Jen Cypher (acclaimed)

Recording Secretary

Gizem Çakmak
Hazel Gashoka


Graeme Reniers (acclaimed)

Vice-President Unit 1

Sara Shamdani (acclaimed)

Vice-President Unit 2

Mohamed Banda (acclaimed)

Vice-President Unit 3

Deidre Walton (acclaimed)

Chief Steward Unit 1

Michael Fraschetti
Stephanie Latella

Chief Steward Unit 2

Parbattie Ramsarran
Maria Wallis

Chief Steward Unit 3

Jacqueline Ristola (acclaimed)

Communications Officer

Marnina Norys (acclaimed)

Grievance Officer

Kyle Belozerov
Sonja Killoran-McKibbin

Campaigning Guidelines

Campaigning has opened, and voting for the contested Executive Committee positions will begin at the upcoming AGM on March 16, and will continue for five days. There will be polling stations at Vari Hall and William Small Centre on the Keele campus and one polling station at the Glendon campus.

As the election process unfolds, all candidates are required to adhere to the following campaign regulations:

  1. All campaigning practices and materials must be consistent with our CUPE Equality Statement.
  2. Candidates are not allowed to use the union photocopier or union supplies.
  3. According to the bylaw amendments passed at the GMM today (February 23), the campaigning phase will continue through until the end of voting. Campaigning during the voting period must respect the following regulations:
    1. No posters, flyers or any campaigning activity within 20 metres of polling stations.
    2. Candidates and their representatives are free to go around the university (including with campaign material) to convince members to vote (“pulling the vote”). This activity cannot take place within 20 metres of any polling station. Intimidation of any kind will not be tolerated.
    3. Candidates can appoint scrutineers to each poll to ensure the impartiality of the process, and ensure that all voters are either on the list or submit a ballot within an envelope. Scrutineers must identify themselves to the poll clerks. But neither candidates nor their representatives will be able to use the voter’s lists for targeted vote-pulling once the polls have opened.
    4. Candidates are free to continue putting up posters, posting on social media, and engaging in other forms of campaigning during the voting period, as long as they respect the 20-metre rule.
  4. All polling stations will be equipped with a printed version of the campaign statements from the CUPE 3903 website.
  5. We ask that all members who witness violations of these rules document them as accurately as possible and send the information to the Election Officers. Scrutineers/poll clerks will be briefed on what constitutes a violation. The Elections Officers will then make a presentation on any violations that occurred during the elections at a General Membership Meeting. After the presentation, if members feel that any of the violations were serious enough to warrant further action, it will be up to the membership to pursue.