Bylaw Amendment Vote Results

During the February 23 General Membership Meeting, balloted votes were held for two bylaw amendments. The results are below.

Article 14: Elections

Article A: 27 in favour, 4 opposed, 3 abstentions [passed]
Article B: 27 in favour, 3 opposed, 3 abstentions [passed]
Article C: 30 in favour, 0 opposed, 3 abstentions [passed]
Article D: 27 in favour, 3 opposed, 3 abstentions [passed]
Article G: 30 in favour, 1 opposed, 2 abstentions [passed]

The approved changes are as follows:

II. Campaigning phase
(a) Campaigning shall mean any attempt by an individual or organization to encourage a union member to cast a ballot in favour of, or in opposition to, a candidate. This may occur with or without campaign material.
(b) Campaign material shall mean any item, design, sound, symbol, or mark that is created or copied in any form in order to influence voters to cast a ballot in favour of, or in opposition to, a candidate.
(c) The campaigning phase shall commence immediately following the close of the nomination period.
(d) For any contested position, a formal campaign period of no less than fourteen (14) days shall be established before voting begins at the Annual General Membership Meeting (or, in the case of a by-election, a General Membership Meeting).
III. Election(s) phase
(g) Campaigning shall not take place and campaign material shall not be distributed or posted within 20 metres of a voting station.

Bylaw Amendments: Unit 4

33 in favour, 1 opposed, 0 abstentions [passed]

The approved changes are as follows:

Article 6:  Membership

The structure of the membership of the local shall be comprised of:  .…

(d)    Unit 4 members, which consists of all Employees of York University in the City of Toronto employed as part time Librarians and Archivists, save and except supervisors and persons above the rank of supervisor and any person for whom a trade union held bargaining rights on the date of the Application.

Article 7:  Dues and Assessments

c)    Currently, the dues per unit are as follows:

  1. Unit 1: 2.8%;
  2. Unit 2: 2.3%;
  3. Unit 3: 2.3%;
  4. Unit 4: 2.3%;

Article 8: Executive Committee

(c) The Executive Committee of the local shall consist of the following:

Secretary/Research Officer
Communications Officer
Trans-Feminist Action Caucus Chair(s) (elected by TFAC)
Vice President Unit 1
Vice President Unit 2
Vice President Unit 3
Chief Steward Unit 1
Chief Steward Unit 2
Chief Steward Unit 3
Chief Steward Unit 4
Grievance Officer

(f)     A simple majority of members of the Executive Committee, which will include no less than one (1) Executive Committee member, from to represent each unit, shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

Article 9:  Officers

  1. Officers sitting on the Executive Committee
    Chief Steward Unit 1/Chief Steward Unit 2/Chief Steward Unit 3/Chief Steward Unit 4

(o)     Supports Unit 4 and may act their designated representative for the purposes of quorum.

Grievance Officer
(f)     Supports Unit 4 and may act their designated representative for the purposes of quorum.

Article 12:  Stewardship and Grievances

II. Stewards’ Council
(iii) In order to make quorum, there must be representation from each of the three of the bargaining units.

III. Grievance Committee
(a)     The Grievance Committee of the Local shall be composed of the Grievance Officer, the Chair (or Chair’s designate), and the three four unit Chief Stewards and a member of the Employment Equity Committee.  Where the Committee is considering potential or actual individual or group grievances, the Committee shall also include the steward who initially brought the complaint or potential grievance to the Committee.  Each bargaining unit shall have representation on the Committee. 

Article 17:       Bargaining

  1. General
    (a) The local engages in coordinated bargaining, with all three units negotiating simultaneously with the employer.