New Unit 4 Begins Bargaining

In January 2015, part-time librarians at York University unanimously voted to certify as members of CUPE 3903 as the new Unit 4. On Thursday, November 12, the Unit 4 Bargaining Team met with the employer for a preliminary introductory meeting. A report from this meeting, courtesy of BT member David Montgomery, is available below.

We hope that a first contract will be arrived at quickly and fairly, so that these workers can get the pay and benefits they deserve to be brought to parity with other workers in their sector. As bargaining develops, updates and all other information will be available under the U4 Bargaining page. Updates will be posted after every bargaining meeting.

Bargaining Update – First Steps

On Tuesday November 12 2015, our bargaining team met with the University. After introductions, our team expressed its intention to reach a fair and equitable Collective Bargaining Agreement, one that would bring us into parity with our colleagues and profession. We stated our position that as a new unit we make up a significant, highly-educated, and professional work force, which has not had a collective agreement in more than twenty years of employment practice by the University library. We stated, as well, that we intended to bargain in a spirit of collegiality. Members of the CUPE 3903 team noted that the situation was unusual and strongly suggested the University should not view negotiations as a matter of a small, incremental wage increase. In principle, this sentiment was agreed upon by the University representatives. In short, both sides agreed that standard negotiation norms did not apply in this instance. Both sides also expressed hope for a quick resolution and fair collective bargaining agreement.

Work releases for the bargaining team were discussed and dates for an exchange of proposals were agreed upon, as well as future bargaining dates into December. Proposals are being finalized for exchange on November 24th.