Pancake Brunch and Post-Strike Debrief Report-Back

On Thursday November 12, TFAC and the 3903 exec hosted a pancake brunch in the 3903 office. We served over 100 vegan and vegan+gluten-free pancakes to our members! In attendance were a number of members, including brand new 3903 members and those who have been at York for over 30 years. Amid the laughing, talking, and eating, members told us their strike stories. Some members interviewed other members about their strike experiences and others shared their thoughts and suggestions for how to improve future strikes at York. Many thanks to all who came out!

We are starting to collate the stories and to put the suggestions made into a CUPE 3903 Strike Handbook. The pancake brunch was just the first step – we would also like to hear from committees that were formed during the strike and to keep hearing from members as we build the Strike Handbook and come up with suggestions for future bylaw changes.

If you would like to get in touch to share your strike story, offer your suggestions, or to help out, please email us at