CUPE 3903 2015 Executive Committee elections

A silhouette of someone dropping a ballot into a ballot box

A silhouette of someone dropping a ballot into a ballot box

On Monday, April 6, the campaign period for the 2015 Executive Committee elections will begin. In accordance with Article 14 (II) of our bylaws, the campaign period will continue for 16 days, until the Annual General Membership Meeting (AGM) on Wednesday, April 22. Voting will begin at the AGM, followed by one week of voting at polling stations on Keele and Glendon campuses. Wednesday, April 29 will be the last day to vote in the elections.

Regular elections for the CUPE 3903 Executive Committee normally take place in the first week of March, as outlined by bylaw 14 (III) (e). Given the exceptional circumstances of the strike, our local received special dispensation from CUPE National President Paul Moist to suspend the normal elections process until a maximum of 30 days after the conclusion of the strike. The timeline outlined above keeps the elections within the required 30-day period.

Only those candidates who submitted their nomination forms for the original, pre-strike deadline of March 2 are eligible to run in this election. Each candidate will submit a campaign statement of no more than 300 words to the Elections Officers on Wednesday, April 8. The statements will then be posted to the CUPE 3903 website. In order to ensure that all candidates have equal time to prepare, no statement shall be released by any individual candidate on any medium before this date.

For more information, please contact the Elections Officers at

The full list of candidates is listed below:


  • Jennifer Cypher, Unit 2
  • Garry Sran, Unit 1

Recording Secretary

  • Herberth Canas, Unit 3
  • Sonja Killoran-McKibbin, Unit 1


  • Joanne Azevedo, Unit 1
  • Graeme Reniers, Unit 1

Vice President Unit 1

  • Najwa Eidda, Unit 1
  • Sara Shamdani, Unit 1

Vice President Unit 2

  • Mohamed Banda, Unit 2
  • Karen Walker Brogan, Unit 2

Vice President Unit 3

  • Kulsum Khan, Unit 3
  • Adam Proctor, Unit 3

Chief Steward Unit 1

  • Gizem Çakmak, Unit 1
  • Olya Murphy, Unit 1

Chief Steward Unit 2

  • Murray Cooke, Unit 2
  • Sharon Davidson, Unit 2

Chief Steward Unit 3

  • Michael Bartlett, Unit 3
  • Mahyar Mohaghegh, Unit 3

Communications Officer

  • James Clark, Unit 1
  • Maija Duncan, Unit 1
  • Jeffrey Zavala, Unit 3

Grievance Officer

  • Lykke de la Cour, Unit 2
  • Lydia Dobson, Unit 1