Graduate Financial Assistance (‘tuition rebate’) – late payments resolved

Every semester 3903ers in Units 1 and 3 see money added to their student accounts to help offset the various costs associated with studying at York and living in Toronto. This is called “Graduate Financial Assistance,” or GFA, and ranges from $590 to $865, depending on your student status and year of study. This money was won by 3903 over several rounds of bargaining and through several labour actions, and is guaranteed in our Collective Agreements.

This semester almost 100 3903ers did not receive this payment on their student accounts. When 3903 learned that this was the case, the Faculty of Graduate Studies was immediately contacted, and the problem resolved.

Payments were made to student accounts on Thursday, November 20. For 3903ers who do not owe funds to the University, cheques will be cut and sent out during the week of November 24.

If you do not receive your GFA monies in the next week or so, please let 3903 know and we will help you.

This problem was resolved as quickly as it was because Members alerted the Union, which was then able to push to ensure the mistake was remedied.

Every problem that you face is probably also a problem for dozens of other 3903ers. This means that bringing even seemingly small problems to our attention will improve things not only for you, but also for your colleagues.

3903 – a better York is possible!