Unit 2 Town Hall: What went wrong with our NRAs and contracts this term?

Town Hall microphone

Mic in front of lecture audience (image)

Tuesday, September 30
4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Senate Chamber
N940 Ross Building
Keele campus

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Dozens of Unit 2 members have reported problems with the Notices of Recommended Appointments (NRAs) this semester, as well as the cancellation of courses in the summer followed by a slew of last-minute appointments. Many offers were extremely late, making it difficult or impossible for members to plan the semester, order books and be on payroll in time for September’s pay. These problems were not isolated, but affected members across several faculties.

In response, CUPE 3903 is organizing a Town Hall meeting for Unit 2 members to share information about late NRAs this semester, to identify any other problems or challenges members are experiencing, and to make sure these issues are addressed in bargaining.

This meeting has been called on short notice in order to collect and share information among Unit 2 members as quickly as possible, but subsequent Town Hall meetings are a possibility, if members would like to discuss this further. This meeting is just a start.

In addition, these issues are also being addressed by the Grievance Committee, which will provide an update at the Town Hall.

For more information, please email CUPE3903vpu2@gmail.com or CUPE3903csu2@gmail.com.