Fall into Strike Prep: THREE Sept. 18 Workshops

September 18, 2023 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
YUGSA boardroom (425 Student Centre)
Keele Campes

As September begins, bargaining is ramping up! It has been proven true that if we are going to win the wages and working conditions we deserve, we are going to have fight for it. To get prepared, we are hosting two days of workshops to build the skills and confidence necessary to support bargaining and, if necessary, run an effective strike.

Join us September 18th for THREE different sessions! While the sessions are meant to build into each other, they are also self-contained. If you can only attend a few, we’d love to see you there! There will be snacks, be sure to indicate any dietary restrictions or accessibility needs in your registration.

September 18th 

Picketing and Other Strike Strategies
1:00-2:00 PM
YUGSA boardroom (425 Student Centre)

This session is a knowledge-sharing and discussion space about strikes, traditional picketing, and other forms of pressure that can be utilized during a strike. Whether you’ve never been on strike before or have walked the line many times, you have something to contribute to this session. As we discuss how to push the boundaries of traditional picketing, both the tried and true and the fresh perspective are equally valuable!

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Responding to Strike Breaking
2:25-3:35 PM
YUGSA boardroom (425 Student Centre)

In an era of increasing labor disputes, it’s crucial to be well-prepared to respond effectively to strike-breaking efforts.  This session is designed for members, seasoned or new, to empower each other with the tools and insights needed to safeguard our labour actions. Join us in discussion on the know-how and strategies necessary to maintain solidarity and unity when face by the stresses of strike breaking. Together we can win.

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Planning to Support Bargaining
YUGSA boardroom (425 Student Centre)

This a creative space for discussion, brainstorming and planning on how we can support our demands in bargaining. Whether this is your first or your tenth bargaining round, you have something to contribute to this session! Do you have a certain skill or experience you think could be fun or helpful during bargaining? All ideas, tactics, and plots are welcome as we collectively make plans for the Fall.

Please register here for the September 18th sessions.

For all other accessibility needs, please contact Maija at cupe3903asr@gmail.com