Drastic Cuts Hit Unit 4 – Petition to Support York Library Services


Unit 4 in CUPE 3903 needs YOUR support!

Despite approving 13 part-time library positions for the Fall Semester, York University has only posted four positions—a reduction of 70 per cent!

Library services are a vital component of academic life, made all the more important by the pandemic, which makes virtual support of learning and research critically necessary!

Petition – Tell York U to support campus library services!

CUPE 3903 to President Lenton: Do Better to Address Anti-Black Racism at York


As bargaining begins, the CUPE 3903 executive committee sent the following letter to York University President, Rhonda Lenton. We communicated our expectations regarding addressing systemic racism in bargaining. Racism must be addressed at all levels, and the renewal of collective agreements is an opportunity to build concrete equity into the language of our contracts. So far, the university administration has left our members out of all of their plans to address systemic racism.

Read the letter here.

Greetings from TFAC Co-Chairs!


With a new school year comes new challenges, especially with the covid situation. Many of us are struggling with new classes, jobs suddenly gone, getting Yorked, learning how to teach online without any training, and all the unpaid labour we’re doing to stay alive and keep our households safe.

TFAC stands for Trans Feminist Action Caucus. We have a long history of activism to try and make changes in the union to address traditional and oppositional sexism, cissexism, transmisogyny, ableism, racism, and other forms of oppression that we’ve had to deal with.
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Nominations Open for Interim Chief Steward Unit 2 (Pro Tem)


The position of Chief Steward Unit 2 has become vacant due to resignation and needs to be filled immediately. Due to the high volume of grievances and other cases that the union is experiencing, the executive committee has decided to open nominations for a candidate to be pro temmed (temporarily appointed) at the October 8th Executive Committee meeting (as per Article 14 V. (b) of the bylaws). Nominations for a full by-election will open at the October General Membership Meeting.
This is a unit-specific position. If you are in Unit 2 you can nominate yourself by emailing Emilie Hurst, Recording Secretary,  by 5pm on October 7th.

UHIP enrollment for international graduate student members


Recently, a number of members have approached the Union over concerns that they have not been automatically (re-)enrolled in the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) for international students and dependents. This enrollment typically takes place in mid-August.

According to York International, automatic enrollment will NOT be taking place this year, “since many students are completing their programs remotely due to courses being online, [they] are only enrolling students under UHIP who are in Canada this Fall.”

International student members must complete the “International Student Information Form” in order to trigger the enrollment process.

LINK: https://yorkinternational.apps01.yorku.ca/machform/view.php?id=394296

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Bargaining Surveys


Deadline to fill out and submit the bargaining surveys is September 30, 2020!

Our Collective Agreement with York University expired on August 31, 2020. To prepare for bargaining we need input from as many members as possible. Your responses will help shape our bargaining proposals and priorities. Please respond and return them at your earliest convenience. All information collected will be treated as strictly confidential by the Bargaining Team and the Executive Committee.

Please select your unit
Bargaining Survey for Unit 1 (Full-time Graduate Students Who Are Teaching Assistants, Marker/Graders, Lab Assistants, Tutors)
Bargaining Survey for Unit 2 (Contract Faculty and Part-Time Graduate Students)
Bargaining Survey for Unit 3 (Graduate Assistants and Research Assistants)


September GMM (September 29th, 2020) – Tentative Agenda

Our next GMM will be September 29thth, 2020 on zoom! At this GMM, we will be voting bylaw amendments, as well as donation requests as well as discussing bargaining. All members are encouraged to attend.

Keep reading for the tentative agenda, accessibility information and more.

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#ScholarStrikeCanada – Academic Strike Against Racism

Wednesday, September 9th and Thursday, September 10th (8am–9pm)

On September 9th and 10th across the U.S.A. and Canada, universities are organizing digital teach-ins for anti-racism, and for anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism in particular. In Toronto, faculty are planning a strike at four universities on those days.

CUPE 3903 stands in solidarity with this action and encourages all members to talk specifically about the pervasiveness of anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism, and the racism that all people of colour face in academia at York University. From the discriminatory practices in academic hiring, to the exclusionary designing of curricula across departments and faculties, to the tokenistic approach in course content, course directors and teaching assistants are urged to examine how systemic racism pervades academia and the courses they teach. Members can share information and resources with their students and invite discussion in the classroom. In particular, we would like to encourage those who are teaching on September 9th and 10th to address systemic racism in post-secondary education at York University.

Through September 9–10, 2020, ScholarStrikeCanada is hosting public digital teach-ins.
The full schedule of digital teach-ins can be found here


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