Member Podcast Launch Day! – On the Line – Strike Stories!

Welcome to On The Line – Strike Stories, a captivating podcast dedicated to exploring the lives and experiences of the members of union CUPE 3903. Join us as we journey to the picket lines and uncover the essence of this strike, delving into the stories of those directly affected. What’s truly at stake for them? In this enlightening series, we aim to offer you, the listener, an intimate window into the lives of these individuals.

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Through candid conversations and heartfelt narratives, union members from diverse backgrounds and various units open up about their passions, joys, fears, and hopes amidst the ongoing struggle. Our goal? To dismantle the monolithic image of the union perpetuated by the employer’s administration, shining a spotlight on the unique and personal tales that often go unheard.

Tune in to On The Line – Strike Stories and join us as we amplify the voices and experiences of CUPE 3903 members, painting a vivid portrait of solidarity and resilience in the face of adversity. New episodes are available on Wednesdays and Fridays.

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Disclaimer: The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed are the speaker’s own and do not represent the views, thoughts, and opinions of the Canadian Union of Public Employee, local 3903, or the Executive Committee. The material and information presented here is for general information purposes only. The “CUPE 3903” name and all forms and abbreviations are the property of its owner and its use does not imply endorsement of or opposition to any specific organization, product, or service.