Bargaining Team Daily News, March 18, 2024

BT Daily News, March 18, 2024

Today’s Events and Meetings

It was another long day for the bargaining team (BT) members. 

In the morning, the team received a letter from mediator Erinn White containing questions from the Employer regarding the union’s latest proposal. During the bargaining team meeting, members addressed conveyed by the mediator questions, and organized items from the union proposal into schedules. 

Scheduling involved scrutinizing our proposal and examining negotiation priorities, ranging from agreed-upon matters to the most challenging issues, often referred to as redline items. These prioritized schedules will be presented to the mediator and the employer shortly.

In the afternoon, the BT received a letter from Dan Bradshaw regarding the request for information on restructuring. We anticipate receiving further details by the end of this week, or later if more time is needed for a response.

Upcoming events

Additional BT meeting this week (To be Determined)

Executive + BT meeting – March 21 from 11am-2pm:

Negotiations with the Employer (To Be Determined)