Bargaining Team Daily News, March 16, 2024 and March 17, 2024

BT Daily News, March 16, 2024 and March 17, 2024

Bargaining Team’s Work Over the Weekend  

Over the weekend, from Saturday, March 16th, to Sunday, March 17th, 2024, the Bargaining Team members demonstrated commitment to their work, as usual. Building upon the recent meeting with mediators Erinn White and Sandra Shime, the team engaged in extensive online collaboration, focusing on refining bargaining documents. 

To provide a more succinct view of the union’s requests in the proposal package, the members categorized items by achievability at the moment: those the parties are close to signing off on, what can be agreed upon, and the redline issues.

The Bargaining Team requested information from the Employer regarding restructuring and departmental cuts within the university that occurred after the strike began. At the same time, unionized members across the university were asked to share any information about restructuring that they have received over the past few months. 

During Sunday’s five-hour session, the bargaining team and CUPE executives discussed the new organization of the proposals and strategized their approach to bringing the Employer to the negotiating table.

And… we would like to share the email from one of our Unit 1 Bargaining Team members in response to joining the work on the bargaining documents on Saturday: “I can help, but I will need a few hours away today to go to a food bank. I can assist this afternoon/evening.” 

Upcoming events 

BT Meeting – March 18 from 1-5PM:

Executive +BT meeting – March 19 from 11am-2pm:

Negotiations with the Employer (To Be Determined)