Bargaining Team Daily News, March 14, 2024

BT Daily News, March 14, 2024

Today’s Events and Meetings

The BT members had several meetings throughout the day discussing responses from the Mediator and the Employer. Some BT members were also on the picket lines talking to members.

The BT attended the Special General Membership Meeting and answered questions the members had regarding the Bargaining strategy.

The BT contacted Erinn White, the Mediator, and arranged a meeting for the morning of March 15.

Negotiation Process – Breakthroughs or Challenges

The BT members started their day with the receipt of an email from Mediator Erinn White, stating that “there is no likelihood of reaching a settlement based on what is on the table.” 

In response, the BT expressed willingness to return to negotiations in a letter, emphasizing a shared concern for students and the urgency to reach an agreement. Our letter also noted that our streamlined proposals involve a significant reduction in our demands on benefits and collective agreement funds, aiming to keep the bargaining process moving forward, as well as noting several sign offs and proposals where both parties are close in agreement.

In the afternoon, the BT received a letter from Dan Bradshaw waffling on their willingness to return to bargain, indicating that “despite willingness to negotiate, the mediator sees no potential settlement without CUPE’s response to salary proposals,” and that the Employer seeks guidance from Erinn White.

The BT has made themselves available for meetings with the Employer starting on Friday March 15th, stressing urgency due to the impact on workers’ and students’ access to education and livelihood. Relevant parties, including Conciliator Erinn White, Sandra Shime, Leanne De Filippis, YUFA, YFS, and YUGSA, were copied in the communication.

Upcoming events 

  • BT-only Meeting with Conciliator Erinn White – March 15
  • BT Meeting – March 18 from 1-5PM

  • Executive +BT meeting – March 19 from 11am-2pm:

  • Negotiations with the Employer (To Be Determined)