Procedure to Request Accommodated Strike Duties

Winter 2024 CUPE 3903 Strike Duties Accommodation Procedure (approved by SC February 14, 2024)

What is the 8th Line?

The “8th Line” is made up of members requiring accommodated strike duties.  Although we are working to make picket duties more accessible, we recognise that these duties may not meet your access needs.  8th line accommodated duties include a range of tasks, including tasks that may be completed remotely or at the strike headquarters, so that we can ensure that members’ access needs are being met.  Members with lived experience of disability, chronic illness, injury, as well as members who have family care responsibilities, may apply for accommodated strike duties.

What strike duties do 8th Line Members do?

Alternative picket duties include a range of tasks to meet our members’ wide range of access needs.  The list of duties, see Appendix 1, has been approved by CUPE National for picket pay.

Who can apply for accommodated picket duties?

Members who require accommodations on disability, medical, or family status grounds are able to apply for accommodated picket duties through the process listed below.  If you require religious accommodations for picket duties, such as a change in schedule, breaks for prayer or time off to observe a religious holiday, these accommodations can be coordinated with the support of the Equity Officer and your picket captain.

Procedure for 8th Line Accommodations

While CUPE 3903 aims to create an inclusive and accessible procedure for requesting picket accommodations, this procedure is subject to approval from CUPE National.  In order to limit the disproportionate burden placed on members with code-based access needs of scheduling appointments and obtaining updated documentation for the purposes of applying for alternative duties, the Strike Committee and CUPE National have agreed that we can accept current Accommodated Work Plans (AWP) and/or Family Status accommodations approved by York.  Members who receive academic accommodations through Student Accessibility Services will also be approved for alternative duties. If it’s good enough for York, it’s good enough for the union.

However, going on strike may give rise to accommodation needs that your current work context does not require. This procedure allows for member with such needs to seek accommodated strike duties.

  1. A member who requires accommodations on disability, medical, or family status grounds are invited to fill out the Accommodations & Alternative Strike duties online form (which will be sent directly to the Equity Officer only).  Alternatively, you may directly and confidentially contact the CUPE 3903 Equity Officer (EO), Nadia Kanani by email.  Please note that the EO’s role is to facilitate member access to accommodations, and to maintain the confidentiality of member requests and accommodations. The Equity Officer will not be deciding whether or not accommodations are approved and will not be assigning specific alternative picket duties to members.

    Members can contact the EO at Please use the subject heading “Strike Accommodation Request”.

  2. The member provides the required documentation – either through the online form or via email to the Equity Officer.  The Equity Officer will review the documentation with the CUPE National staff contact, in confidence. Examples of documentation include:
    1. Current Accommodated Work Plan through York/Employee Well-Being
    2. Email confirmation of Family Status accommodations from Employee Well-Being (if a formal Accommodated Work Plan was not provided)
    3. Previous year’s Accommodated Work Plan, if accommodations were not required this year.  Please note that accommodations based on previous year’s plans are approved on a case by case basis
    4. A doctor’s note for accommodations on disability/medical grounds
    5. A doctor’s note attesting to care-giver role for accommodations on family status grounds
    6. Proof of being wait-listed for day care services for accommodations on family status grounds
    7. Letter indicating the estimated date of delivery for pregnancy related accommodations

      Please note that no diagnoses need to be included in any documentation.

  3. CUPE National will review the accommodation requests with the Equity Officer and make a decision on whether the member is accommodated for alternate strike duties.
  4. Members who acquire an injury, a disability, or have other needs arise for accommodations during the strike, or who were otherwise unable to sign up for accommodations prior to a strike, can also go through this procedure.  Interim accommodations will be put in place while members obtain the necessary documentation.

Interim Accommodations

As per the Ontario Human Rights Code, members who have submitted an accommodation request will immediately be assigned alternative strike duties, as an interim accommodation, until they are formally approved for alternative duties. CUPE National will pay strike pay to members while they are receiving interim accommodations.

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