Bargaining Team Report for the week of December 1–8 

The Bargaining Team Coordinates Wage Counterproposal with Cross-Campus Alliance and Continues Consultations with Members on Job Stability

Bargaining Team Report for the week of December 1–8 

With no bargaining meetings with the Employer and no General Membership Meetings this week, the Bargaining Team continued to go over the Employer’s still incomplete “Schedule C” from its November 30 Framework for Settlement. In our cooperation with other labour unions on campus, we reached an agreement on a coordinated counterproposal in our ongoing wage reopener negotiations. The Bargaining Team welcomed its newest member, and it continued its widespread consultation on job stability counterproposals at a Town Hall forum on December 8 and its preparations for the Strike Mandate Vote (SMV) GMM and the next meeting with the Employer, both on December 11. We call on all members to show their support for each other and their bargaining team by voting YES in this week’s strike mandate vote so we can get the best possible deal possible!

The BT Welcomes Its Newest Unit 1 Member

The conclusion of a closely contested by-election to fill a vacant Unit 1 spot on the Bargaining Team saw Alex Wilson, a member of the Bargaining Mobilization Committee and steward for Science and Technology Studies. We congratulate both candidates and welcome Alex to our ranks. 

The Cross-Campus Alliance Continues to Coordinate on Retroactive Wage Demands

This week, members of the BT and the Executive Committee met with representatives of other campus labour unions that have been coordinating bargaining their wage re-opener demands. Collectively the all-unions Cross-Campus Alliance (CCA) agreed to adjust our wage demands covering the three-year, Bill 124 wage freeze period to a level that allows us all to cover the dramatic rise in the cost of living during our previous collective agreements (15.8%). For maximum effect, the CCA will send its wage counterproposal to the Employer at the same time as we are delivering our own wage counterproposal at the bargaining table this week.

Unit 2 Town Hall Rethinks Job Stability, Reveals Distrust of the Employer

On December 8, the Union hosted a virtual Unit 2 Town Hall to strategize our next steps and counter-proposals after the Employer rejected our proposal for a Graduated Job Stability Program and presented instead their version of the job stability program that the Union and the Employer had been negotiating in the failed Joint Job Stability Committee process. The Bargaining Team had proposed the GJSP as a more comprehensive take on programs already existing in our Collective Agreement, but some members spoke at the Town Hall of their reservations about the comprehensive proposals tabled by both sides in bargaining. In an informal poll, members indicated that they now preferred to go in another direction, concentrating on strengthening existing job stability programs. Members’ reservations about dramatic changes reveal that, despite the gaping holes in our existing system of job security, members have little faith in the Employer not to manipulate proposed programs in a way that will make us worse off. 

Because the Town Hall, as in informal forum not included in our bylaws, was never meant to be, nor could be, a decision-making body, the Bargaining Team will be seeking at the very next GMM at which binding motions can be passed—that is, at the first scheduled membership meeting in the new year—clear direction from members about what job stability counterproposals they want us to bargain for on their behalf. In the meantime, we will focus at the bargaining table on proposals that have clear, widespread support, like our demands on wages and benefits. We urge members to focus on what we agree on in our bargaining unit and in our union, and we will continue to do the same at the bargaining table!

Give Your Bargaining Team a Strong Strike Mandate: Vote YES, Dec. 11–18

Having filed for conciliation last week, our Union is taking the next step in our fight for the best possible deal for all members. The Strike Mandate Vote (SMV) taking place this week, December 11 to 18, is your opportunity to vote YES to salary and benefits increases that keep up with inflation! It’s your opportunity to give the Bargaining Team the leverage it needs at the bargaining table to win concessions from the Employer on issues that are important to all our members, especially much-needed improvements to wages and benefits. We can show the Employer the collective power of our membership by voting YES in the upcoming strike mandate vote that will take place December 11–18. Voting YES  gives the Executive Committee a mandate to call a strike, if necessary. You can join the mobilization efforts for this vote by signing up for phone banking and departmental events where members can talk to each other about what’s on the table and how we can fight for it. 

Once we have a strike mandate, we’ll hold a “Red Lines” GMM at which the membership can determine the key items we are willing to strike for. No decision to go on strike will be taken without another vote of the full membership. Such a vote will take place, if necessary, at a “Final Offer” Special General Membership Meeting to be held if and when bargaining reaches an impasse. 

Get Involved! Upcoming Bargaining Meetings

Our union practices open bargaining, meaning all meetings of the Bargaining Team—including our face-to-face meetings with the Employer’s bargaining team—are open to all members of CUPE 3903. All members are encouraged to attend both our weekly Bargaining Team meetings, which take place online, and our meetings with the Employer, which usually take place in a hybrid format. As members of CUPE 3903, you are free to come and go from any of our meetings as your schedules allow. Check the CUPE 3903 website’s calendar for any updates.

Bargaining Meetings with the Employer

Due to scheduling issues, all December bargaining meetings with the Employer are taking place online only. Register in advance using the links below.

Wednesday, December 13, 10:00 AM–12:00 PM

Register for the Zoom meeting in advance.

Thursday, December 14, 10:00 AM–12:00 PM

Register for the Zoom meeting in advance..

Tuesday, December 19, 10:00 AM–3:00 PM

Register for the Zoom meeting in advance.

Bargaining Team Meetings:

Tuesday, December 12, 1:00–3:00 PM 

Monday, December 18, 1:00–3:00 PM