Nominations Close for the Vacancies on the Bargaining Team and Executive Committee

The nomination period for the vacancies on the Bargaining Team and Executive Committee closed at the end of the nomination period (Nov 17, 2023 12:00 p.m.).

Executive Committee: Secretary-Treasurer – Acclaimed
Congratulations to Niloofar Golkar!

Bargaining Team: Unit 1 (1 vacancy) – Contested
Nominated: Ahmed Mohamed and Alex Wilson

For contested positions, the nomination period will be followed by two weeks of campaigning and Voting (through Simply Voting) will begin at the December 1st GMM and will continue for five days.

Candidate Statements

Alex Wilson:

Hello Fellow 3903ers! I am running for the position of Bargaining Team Member Unit. I am doing a second PhD in Science & Technology Studies at York and I am currently on the Bargaining Mobilization Committee as the Unit 1 Steward for my department. I was involved in the union in many ways during my first PhD in philosophy. I was a picket captain in the ’08-’09 strike, I participated as a political member in the ’15 strike, and I supported the picket lines in the ’18 strike though I was no longer in the union. I was also on the Research Costs Funds committee, so I have experience dealing directly with York’s administration. Obtaining funding for the sciences was easy, but I fought hard for our members in the social sciences and the humanities to receive funding for their projects. As a member of the bargaining team, I will be using this experience on the research cost funds committee, a veteran of three strikes, and as a returning PhD student to fight for the best contract our union can get. Thank you for your consideration. Solidarity!

Ahmed Mohamed:

Dear CUPE 3903 Members,

I’m Ahmed Mohamed, a devoted PhD candidate in Human Resource Management at York University, vying for the Unit 1 Bargaining Team position. Serving as a Teaching Assistant for the past five years, I intimately understand our challenges and am ready to transform this experience into effective representation for us all.

The recent bargaining updates spotlight the 3903 team’s commitment to fair compensation for our intellectual and research work. I pledge to amplify this commitment, advocating vigorously for proposals on fellowship amounts, priority pool language, workload, academic freedom, and intellectual property.

Health benefits are paramount. I aim to enhance coverage for medical devices, hearing aids, and diagnostic tests, advocating for automatic enrollment to ensure swift access to dental, vision, drug, and paramedical services.

Equity is a top priority. I wholeheartedly support proposals for racialized members, championing a $50,000 fund for immediate assistance and tailored accommodations. I propose the establishment of a Joint Workplace Accommodations Committee for ongoing collaboration on policies affecting our diverse membership.

My candidacy is grounded in transparency, inclusivity, and tireless advocacy. I bring a fresh perspective and a fervor for addressing our pressing issues. Let’s fortify our bargaining power and shape a future reflecting the values of equity, diversity, and inclusion within CUPE 3903.

Vote Ahmed Mohamed for a united and empowered Unit 1.

In solidarity,

Ahmed Mohamed