CUPE 3903 Childcare Fund

The CUPE 3903 Childcare Fund exists to help you with any costs you might incur in relation to your children. Please apply! We divide the fund evenly among all members who apply. You must apply each Fall to automatically be included in all three disbursement rounds in the academic year – Fall, Winter, and Summer. Members must apply to the fund in each academic year – so if you applied in the last academic year (Fall/Winter/Summer 2022-2023) you need to re-apply again now to be considered for the Fall/Winter/Summer 2023-2024 adjudications.

The Fall deadline is September 30th. If you miss the Fall deadline, you can still apply for the Winter and Summer disbursements. Funds are not distributed retroactively, so be sure to apply before the deadline (Fall – September 30th; Winter – January 31st; Summer – May 31st).

If you are eligible (you have a child under 13 or under 18 with additional needs), then please apply for the CUPE 3903 Childcare Fund! The fund is not specific to daycare – it is to help you with the various costs associated with children.

You can apply by filling out the online form found here:

If you have questions about the fund please email the Childcare Committee at