Bargaining Team Report: June 4-9, 2023

Bargaining team report back Week of June 4-9

For the week of June 4 through to June 9th, CUPE 3903 is still waiting for response to our requests for information, and the York admin has finally acknowledged our “notice to bargain”.  But, we are not inactive!

There is not much to report, as bargaining has not even started; your bargaining team has still been busy.

First, the important information to discuss:


The administration has not yet acknowledged any of our asks (i.e., our requests for information), but has recently acknowledged receipt of our notice of bargaining.  To be clear, the administration is starting off this bargaining with stonewalling us.  We are concerned with this lack of communication but hope that indeed this will be quickly rectified. We are clear with our timeline. 

On the GMM on June 7th, we indicated that we would promptly follow up with a nudging email to the the employer following up with our notice to bargain..


We are continuously discussing and setting up both our strategies in regards to dealing with the employer and representing the bargaining unit.

In regards to representing the units, we are awaiting the results of the bargaining surveys, which went live last week as well.

In light of the non-response of York’s administration to our “notice of bargaining” we are keeping track of our timeline, and would like our membership to be aware that we might need to alter our  previously proposed and approved (in the last SGMM, May 23, 2023) 

timeline due to the intransigence of the employer.  As always we are keeping our membership abreast of any possibilities, and will take any proposed changes to the membership.

We have also been starting our work to get bargaining proposals to the membership with a soft deadline of the next SGMM to have a collection of a bunch of the proposals to bring to the table.

Be active with us!

-We cannot afford to wait, now is the time for bargaining for fair wages, for bargaining for equity in our workplace, now is the time for bargaining to fix our problems within our units at York!

Please do not forget to fill in bargaining surveys and keep abreast of our reports back to you.

Have you received the link for the surveys?  Do you know where to find them? Any problems with filling them in?

-feel free to come to our meetings next week:

June 13

June 15

-The next BT SGMM (Special General Membership Meeting) is June 22 @2 pm.  Please be there.