ACTION REQUIRED: Bargaining Surveys 2023

Our Collective Agreement with York University expires on August 31, 2023. This means that we are about to begin bargaining

With Bill 124 having been declared unconstitutional, and with historic inflation and increased cost of living, this round of bargaining is a unique opportunity to fight for higher wages. With a recent wave of strike activity and unionization, the power of organized labour to deliver significant benefits to workers is more evident than ever. It’s our turn to have similar successes. This survey is the first step to elaborate our priorities so that we can fight for them together. Please take 15 minutes to share what matters most to you for your working conditions as we enter the next round of bargaining. This survey will inform the bargaining proposals that will be presented to the union membership and ultimately to the Employer. 

This survey is for members of CUPE 3903 Unit 1/Unit 2/Unit 3 only. All information collected will be treated as strictly confidential by the Bargaining Team and the Executive Committee. To ensure you receive up to date communications during bargaining, your contact information will be kept, but it will not be associated with your answers.

Please click the Bargaining Survey for your Unit:

Unit 1 – Full-time Graduate students who work as Teaching Assistants, Marker/Graders, Lab Assistants, Tutors, and more

Unit 2 – Contract faculty who are not full-time graduate students.

Unit 3 – Full-time graduate students with a graduate assistantship or a research assistantship.

We hope you answer as many questions as possible but you can skip individual questions if you like. Please complete the survey once you have started it. If you need to re-start the survey or have other problems, please contact the Bargaining Team at For bargaining to succeed, we need a full and accurate picture of 3903 needs and priorities, so please discuss the survey with other members!